justicereigns: (female Smoker)
Smoker ([personal profile] justicereigns) wrote2012-02-23 04:53 pm

[voice] A stormy question

[Hello Luceti, is the nice little ice storm distracting you from post-Valentine's woes? Don't worry, here's a grumpy marine asking questions to painfully reminds you all.]

Seeing as we're all stuck inside -- [Once again, an usually feminine voice from Smoker's journal account.] -- I've got a question for everyone affected by the event.

Are there normally lines you won't cross in relationships that the Malnosso seem to cross for you? Or do they seem to take those into consideration instead? Since they seem to know us pretty well, it begs the question whether they're using our weaknesses, or if it's completely random.

And if anyone needs help out there in the storm, let me know. This weather is good practice.

[ooc: and feel free to threadjump like the dickens. It might be the only time Smoker keeps quieter than not, seeing as he's a girl now.]

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