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OOC POST: Info on Smoker (very TL;DR)

» Name: Smoker (real name until/unless canon reveals otherwise)
» Fandom: One Piece
» References you can use: http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Smoker
» Canon Point: Chapter 580 Note: Manga is primary source always for me but anime is very largely incorporated even though it's "filler" and I've been known to use the video games (fighting and baseball)
» Gender: Male
» Age: 34 / birthday is White Day March 14th
» Sexual Orientation: 75% straight, 25% "fuck you I do what I want" (usually a guy has to be someone who would really piss off his bosses. Yes, that's actually a weird plus.)

» Appearance: Blue-grey hair (mine is in denial and calls it green), very tall (estimating at 6'6" hard to tell in One Piece but he's taller than Ace and Ace is 6'1"), muscular and broad-shouldered. When he's grumpy/stressed it shows visibly and he slouches a lot from it but otherwise he walks tall and proud. He has a scar on his right shoulder which is from sometime in between Alabasta and end of Enies Lobby in canon. He almost always wears the leather motorcycle jacket with the kanji for "Justice" on the back, cigars are sewn in on the left side of front and arm. He wears the jacket even in Albasta (desert summer island), but occasionally goes without it, usually when he's around his own marines. If he's not wearing the jacket then he's shirtless, and even when on it's usually unzipped. He refuses to wear the regular marine uniform (even his jacket is different, thus far almost every other high ranking marine officer has the same jacket EXCEPT for Smoker's motorcycle jacket) and consequently wears blue jeans. Also thick heavy boots. He's pretty scruffy. The later in the series it gets, the longer his scruff gets (as does Tashigi's hair length, possibly to denote the passage of time, or just because of evolving art style, it's been 5 real life years after all).

» Fighting Ability: Smoker is (currently) a commodore in the marines who at least thinks (and most likely true) he has the fighting ability of an even higher rank. He ate the moku moku no mi; Smoke logia and can turn any part and all of his body into smoke. He's very strong and carries unconscious pirates he beat up on his shoulders like it was nothing. The only pirate to ever escape Loguetown under his watch was Straw-Hat Luffy (who has escaped from Smoker 3 times now with help if you count Dragon in Loguetown, Ace in Alabasta, and Boa in Marineford) and he calls even 50 million bounty pirates "weak" but he calls EVERYONE weak including Luffy at first and Tashigi still.
Per video games my Smoker fights American military style which is fairly upfront, punches to the jaw, kicks to the stomach and heavy-footed. Video game movie of using his attacks White Blow, White Snake, White Out and vs. Ace is here thanks to Moosey. Keep in mind, this is video game. Smoker and Ace tie in canon.
He's very good with a jitte (an extremely large jutte) and his is tipped with seastone. When he turns into smoke, all of his body except the jitte goes with him, the jitte has to be carried by the hilt in smoke form, it won't turn into smoke itself.

Fighting Weaknesses: He's not extremely fast (using both the video games and that the Straw-Hats can and do run from him) and not that dextrous.
- When taken off guard he'll get hit physically, and haki will hurt him and hit him even in smoke form if you're strong enough. For this reason he's all bark when it comes to Pirate Emperors like Shanks and the Revolutionary Dragon right now.
- If a civilian gets in the way he'll protect them instead and when it comes to fighting a much much stronger foe such as Portgas D. Ace, he won't let his men get hurt and tells them to back off and steps in front to deal with it.
- Seastone (all devil fruit users are weak to it) My Smoker carries a set of cuffs along with his jitte and most of his men have seastone nets to use against him. If you can think of a way to use it against him you're welcome to try but it'll be difficult since he's trapped very strong people with it.
- Ocean (he will drown)
- Has a tendency to underestimate everyone and think he can handle things easily even when he's told otherwise. (That or he's too stubborn to let it go. Probably both.)

» Personality/Background: Not much is known about Smoker's background, where he came from, who his relatives are (if any) or even why exactly it is that he joined the marines. What is known is that he saw the execution of the first Pirate King, Gold Roger, at 12 years old in Loguetown. It's commonly believed that Smoker grew up in Loguetown, like Gold Roger himself, for this reason. In the academy he seems to have had quite a problem with authority (unusual for a marine who has to take a lot of orders) and constantly tells his own men that he won't let the brass or anyone else tell him what to do. Because of this, early in his career, Black Cage Hina, another marine captain had to pull him out of a lot of tight spots with the brass. He doesn't appear to have much gratitude for this however, and continues mouthing off.

He developed a reputation in and out of the marines as being a loose hound dog that they had trouble controlling (even Crocodile called him this when Smoker barged into his casino trying to chase down the Straw-Hat pirates) and at some point after becoming a Captain, he was stationed in Loguetown to protect and clean it up. Loguetown is in the East Blue, widely considered the quietest ocean in the world, and the birthplace and execution platform of the notorious Gold Roger. For both of these reasons, Smoker usually insisted all the pirates were much too weak and lacking the conviction real pirates should have. (Conviction being a main focus point of Gold Roger's execution speech.) It's also the last stopping area for any East Blue pirates heading towards Reverse Mountain and the Grand Line, which would make it a constant throughway for pirates.

However, Smoker did such a good job at cleaning up Loguetown, some of the residents even began to resent him for this as it drove away a lot of the money from pirates who would drop a lot of cash in Loguetown before going to the Grand Line. Until Straw-Hat Luffy came, Smoker had never before let a single pirate escape the city island. In the anime (added filler) when Smoker first fought Luffy, he disregarded him as an idiot and not much of a threat. Even in the manga, Luffy got himself locked into a blockade by Buggy the Clown to be executed and Smoker figured it was a done deal where the marines wouldn't have to do anything until the pirates killed each other. But just as Straw-Hat Luffy was about to be executed, instead of panicking and pleading for his life like most pirates in that situation would, Luffy instead smiled ear to ear, accepting his fate.

This action shocked Smoker, as he noticed it was exactly the same as Gold Roger 22 years earlier in the same spot. Suddenly Luffy's insistences that he was going to be the next Pirate King held a very real threat. Even more so when Luffy managed to escape the blockade holding him. After quickly dealing with Buggy and his pirates, Smoker chased after Luffy on his motorcycle, getting ahead of where the would-be pirate king was running. However, the Revolutionary Dragon stopped Smoker and set Luffy free. When Smoker demanded to know why the most wanted man in the world would help a random pirate, Dragon only cryptically replied, "What reason have you for stopping him?" Despite this, Smoker took off to chase Straw-Hat against orders, possibly for pride of his perfect record, but more likely because he suspected Straw-Hat was a grave danger being so much like Gold Roger.

Tashigi, Smoker's second in command insisted on going with Smoker after being defeated by Luffy's swordsman, Zoro; and together along the way of chasing Straw-Hat down the Grand Line, they came across Baroque Works agents and started to uncover some of the plot behind the bounty hunter and crime organization. This led Smoker to listening in on a den den mushi (snail phone) conversation where the Straw-Hats were also mentioned due to their own interference with Baroque Works plans. Chasing this lead to Alabasta, Smoker came across a notorious Whitebeard Pirate named Portgas D. Ace. Despite not being the pirate Smoker was looking for, since Smoker hates letting any pirates go, the marine attempted to arrest Ace anyway, even knowing the reputation Whitebeard pirates have of revenge and strength.

Before Smoker and Ace could even begin fighting in the restaurant where Smoker was first inspecting a "moron who died in his food," only it turned out Ace had been asleep, they were interrupted by none other than Luffy himself who was starving and looking for any restaurant with food. Despite crashing through several buildings, Smoker quickly rebounded and instantly spotted that it was Luffy, to his delight. After a quick chase, just as Smoker was about to try to capture Luffy again, Ace intervened and fought Smoker instead to save his little brother. Their devil fruit powers cancelled out and Ace escaped, leaving Smoker to follow the Straw-Hat trail to the city in Alabasta where Crocodile resided, Luffy having mentioned to him that he was in the country to defeat Crocodile.

Smoker, like several other marines, had long held a great distrust for the shichibukai: pirates whom, like Crocodile, had been commissioned and forgiven their sins by the World Government in exchange for helping to keep other pirates in check. Nevertheless, Smoker insisted that once a pirate, always a pirate, and refused to buy the idea that any of them were "tamed" and were willing to help the World Government anymore than their arms could be twisted to force them to do. So, upon hearing that Luffy had business with Crocodile, not even realizing at the time that Crocodile was the head of the Baroque Works; Smoker assumed they were in cahoots for nefarious deeds. After accidentally following the Straw-hat Pirates into a seastone prison trap Crocodile laid for the pirates, Smoker discovered the truth about Crocodile's plans to take over the country of Alabasta and equally disconcerting to Smoker; that Nico Robin was working alongside him which meant that she could help him find weapons to destroy the world.

Luffy surprised him both by insisting he wanted to stop Crocodile to help his friend; Vivi, the princess of the kingdom of Alabasta, and by saving Smoker's life when Crocodile set them up to all drown. Smoker demanded to know why a pirate would save the life of a marine trying to capture him, and Luffy just laughed, insisting Smoker wasn't a bad guy and that he didn't dislike him. In exchange for saving his life and in order so that Luffy could deal with Crocodile, Smoker agreed to let the Straw-Hat pirates go that time, but only that time. He insisted the next time he saw them he would arrest them on sight. Smoker himself, told his own marines he was too tired to chase them at the time and asked them to pull up the bounty and files on Nico Robin.

He left Tashigi in charge of his marines in Alabasta with simple orders for her to follow her justice, whether it meant helping the rebel army (secretly incited by Baroque Works) or the Royal Army. Whichever she chose, he said he'd take responsibility for it. Meanwhile, Smoker left to go get proof that Crocodile was working against the World Government on his own and had betrayed them. Despite getting the proof he needed and sending it into the brass, Smoker was unable to get back to the battlefield in time and Tashigi wasn't strong enough to stop Crocodile herself so she had to let Luffy do it instead even though this didn't sit well with her sense of justice that pirates are bad. However, the world government was not about to let it be widely known that a wanted pirate was responsible for uncovering that one of their shichibukai went rogue. Instead, they congratulated Smoker on his successful capture and promoted him and Tashigi.

This didn't sit well with Smoker at all and he yelled at the marine brass trying to promote him that they could eat shit because it was all lies; Straw-Hat rescued Alabasta while the marines were helpless and that was the truth. Nevertheless, despite his protests and refusal to accept the rank administered to him as "reward," Smoker and Tashigi were promoted despite their protests and the next time we see them in the manga, Smoker is a commodore while she's an Ensign. At that point, he vowed to arrest Straw-Hat in the New World where the Straw-Hats would eventually need to go in order to complete their dreams, and he told Tashigi that they would need to assemble both a strong crew to stay on even footing with Straw-Hat's crew, as well as higher ranks for them both.

At the battle of Marineford, Smoker, along with most of the marines, was summoned to handle the Whitebeard pirates who would inevitably be coming to stop the execution of Portgas D. Ace. Herein, Smoker was shocked to learn that Gold Rogers was Ace's Dad, and upon Ivankov and Luffy's arrival, he was slightly less surprised to find out that Dragon was Luffy's father (since it explained why Dragon would interfere on Luffy's behalf.)


Personality: Smoker's primary obsession is with justice. And not Absolute Justice the way Onigumo, Aikanu, and several other marines or the World Government preaches. In Absolute Justice, killing innocent civilians or fellow marines is "justified" so long as it stops one single dangerous pirate. Instead Smoker follows his own path, refusing to let anyone tell him which way to go, but his own conscience. If it came down to saving innocent lives, Smoker would rather let even his worst enemy pirate(s) go, rather than let those lives be destroyed when they didn't deserve it.

He's called the White Hunter, in part, a play on his Devil Fruit (which allows him to turn into smoke, all of his attack names likewise start with the English word "White", and his birthday is on the Japanese holiday White Day) but also because of his reputation at being able to hunt down pirates. He seems to live for hunting pirates, and even when he's doing something else, he stops to "clean out the trash" he meets along the way. He apparently even goes to pirate bars for the express purpose of finding more pirates to get rid of.

He's generally tense, irritable, and grumpy, and little things seem to easily set him off. From marines talking too loudly, to Tashigi forgetting to wear her glasses or trembling from weak legs, and especially to when he thinks people are trying to tell him what to do. Smoker loathes anyone giving him orders, even his own bosses, and this got him in trouble quite a number of times. However, Smoker has developed his own bad habits about how to relax over time and smokes two cigars at once (although this is certainly also because of the devil fruit), drinks alcohol even at lunch time, and makes himself at home in his office: sitting with his boots up on his desk and reading a newspaper, even when he has visitors or someone talking to him. He even goes to the extent of "borrowing" his friend's private ship without permission and making himself at home on board, his only means of apology being that he flipped a coin for her to call heads or tails and when she picked the wrong one, Smoker decided this meant the argument was over and she'd have to suck up and deal with him being the way he is.

Despite his grumpy attitude towards all pirates, he jokes around with Tashigi and treats her kindly. However, by the same token, he maintains a hard gruff exterior and often tells Tashigi she needs to get stronger, and he pauses to scold her in the middle of a battle for not keeping her eyes on the enemy in front of her. He is actually a good guy following his own sense of justice, one that even includes generosity to a little girl who bumped into him and spilled her ice cream on his jeans.

With his menacing exterior, he's frequently likened to a marine dog, even in the series himself. He chases criminals almost by sense of scent, he's very threatening and has a tendency to literally growl in the anime (they used the same voice actor as Wolf from Starfox) especially towards pirates, but he's actually quite friendly with little kids (much like most dogs). He even has a very strong sense of hearing, able to discern the differences in the banadile's growls in Crocodile's prison, and also possibly explaining why he doesn't like his marines to be so loud (he says it disrupts his flow).

While many marines encourage absolute unquestioning obedience from their own marines, Smoker instead preaches true justice, and that they should each follow and develop their own senses of true justice. He tells Tashigi to trust her own justice, but it's also his trust in her that allows him to leave his men in her care. He does seem to care about his men a good deal, telling them to stand down when Ace got in the way, knowing that they wouldn't be able to handle a Whitebeard division commander. Moreover, he appears to keep their safety in mind, even when fighting and while pride might lead him to want to fight all the pirates on his own, he worried about Tashigi's legs and treats her more like a friend and trusted advisor, even pouring her coffee on one occasion despite how normally it would be her job to fetch him coffee.

Smoker's sense of going his own way extends to his clothing uniform. He's one of the only known marine officers to wear a variation on the justice emblem jacket, and instead of wearing the standard suit underneath, Smoker goes otherwise topless and wear blue jeans. He also doesn't restrict Tashigi's uniform and lets her wear whatever she wants, though others in his marine corps division usually follow the uniform dress code. His clothes expressly fit suggested motorcycle clothes for safety, which is apt since Smoker has a 3-wheeled motorcycle he calls the "Blower Bike" (variation: Biroa Bike) that runs on his smoke devil fruit.

When Smoker canonically ate the Moku moku no mi (smoke devil fruit) is unclear. However, it does seem to affect Smoker. He smokes two cigars at a time, and is definitely addicted to them, since he stops to light up, even right after getting kicked through several walls. Before even bothering to figure out what was going on or where the pirates were. It's doubtful that Smoker himself suffers any negative effects from the smoke because of his devil fruit both letting him become smoke and control it surrounding him. But he does realize the smoke isn't good for his men in the high doses he enjoys (when first seen, Smoker's room is so thick with smoke you can barely see anything) so he opens a window to air it out and while walking in town, seems to keep the smoke away from his marines (though that could be due to his height, since he towers head and shoulders over most of his marines.)

When Smoker is first introduced in the series, he's busy stacking rounded rocks on top of each other on a table. It's not completely known why he was doing this, but it's widely believed to be an exercise in patience, balance and stability. It's also become a running gag in the One Piece fandom that Smoker always gets them knocked over (usually by Tashigi who is known to be very clutzy, or his other marines who tend to be excitable) and has never been able to reach a height of ten.

Smoker keeps up on current events in the world, knowing even the newer big name pirates, and reads the newspaper. He seems to have a good interest in the workings of countries and told Tashigi at one point to watch how the events in Alabasta turned out because things like this could make or break a country, but either way, it would change the shape of things and it was important to watch. He seems to understand the rippling effects Luffy has on the world and even though he knows how politics is, he refuses to take part in it himself, trying instead to just cut straight to the point and stick to his ideals.

Smoker has a tendency to think and listen rather than speak, except when he has something important to say or it's about justice. However, he'll still joke around with Tashigi and Hina, making a pun about cleaning up the act of some pirates dancing around and mouthing off, and telling Hina he likes always getting his own way (of course). He crosses his arms and puts fists on his hips and is a dead giveaway for body language. Even when he's bluffing, his face tends to be a little bit of a giveaway (although criminals don't seem to be able to tell.) When Smoker does talk, he tends to be snippy and interrogatory, asking questions even of his own men and often phrases things in rhetorical questions.

Important canon relationships
- Tashigi is his second in command and closest advisor/friend/ally. He's harsh on her, always insisting she get stronger, but trusts her the most of anyone that we know of.
- Hina is an old friend who used to get him out of trouble a lot. She's the Black-Cage and fairly famous in the marines. Their relationship is such that he takes advantage of their friendship and she tells him off for talking back to the brass. She also says Tashigi has her sympathies for having to deal with his crap daily and gets away with insulting him to his face.
- Straw-hat is his prey/ultimate goal. He's stated several times he's staking his life on catching him.
- Aokiji. He knows him and gave the admiral a message to deliver to Luffy but since Aokiji didn't, we have no clue what it says. (Aokiji called it "too stupid for words.")
- Nico Robin. In Crocodile's prison when he found she was working with Crocodile Smoker said the whole world was in danger now so he seems to know of her ability to read Poneglyphs, PROBABLY from Aokiji himself (as Aokiji originally let her go free when she was 8 years old.)
- Daddy the Father and Carol. Anime only but Daddy was once one of Smoker's marines/friends and became a bounty hunter in order to spend more time with his daughter (the holy terror). She calls him Uncle Smokey and brags around that anyone who upsets her will have to deal with him. Not a sibling and real niece per say, but Smoker will call her a goddaughter if it comes up. He thinks she's cute and sweet as this is the side she shows to her father (and not Usopp).


- Threadhopping with this character - yes/no/other?: Yes. Always welcome. But be mindful of other people's journals if they don't like it. You're always welcome to threadjump in Smoker's journal as well but he will read what is said. He's nosy :|
- Subject line comments: Err yeah, always okay in my journal/with me and preferred if you're going to do more than 1 comment/explain something. If I do it too much to you, slap me as a reminder
- Hugging this character?: He'll most likely freeze up all tense and awkward, but you're definitely allowed to. Depending the situation he might just be stone and/or growl until he gets his space. (all little kids can instantly give him one and he'll ruffle their heads and possibly give one back.)
- Giving this character a kiss?: Go for it. If it's cute and innocent he'll probably blush like hell. If he doesn't like you, you might get a punch to the jaw though.
- Badtouching: Yes, but if a couple glares and previous warning signals are given, he might want to break your fingers. Tashigi can fake sexually harrass by tripping on him, kids can do whatever as long as Smoker keeps thinking it's innocent.
- Lovers: Single, do what you want. Unknown for canon.
- Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Always. He pisses people off my god, be my guest. If I don't know your fighting skill level though I'll im/pm for fighting back. DEPENDING on whether he's caught off guard he might turn to smoke and throw you into a wall, but I'll ask.
- Easiest way to get on his good side: Justice. If you want to bribe a peace offering, bring cigars. Coffee also works well.
- Easiest way to get on his bad side: Kill someone innocent(ish) and brag about it.
- Can I hack his journal?: Probably not. Any thread not marked private is public and feel free to IC flaunt that you know about it.
- Can he hack my journal?: Only with a LOT of effort. His computer skills are middling so generally he won't even hack the Straw-Hats (so far he hasn't hacked anything and it's unlikely to come up).
- Fourth Wall Breakage: Sure.
- Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: Yes. Just let me know what you have in mind/how long/etc.
- Maim/Murder/Death: Nothing permanent and seastone = added scars so if you're going to do that it has to be like his legs or something not shown in canon.
- Blood: Yeah that's fine.

Thank-you Vil for questions survey!

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