Moving Out

Sep. 26th, 2009 12:13 am
justicereigns: (Grumpy)
All hands on deck. The rest of you get the hell on the ship.

I got a final lead on the pirates smuggling arms into this island and we're going hunting now. We'll be back to the Island by the 30th. Except a lot of fighting and rain.

Haru, thanks for the... thing... you did.

Oi Wolf. We gotta talk.

The rest of you stupid punks. Bounties are out. Russia has one, Mello, Matt, Straw-Hats well you know about the rest. Spain you better get your ass on fixing it if you're so insistent of your innocence. Elphaba apparently "excessive use of sparkles" doesn't count as a good enough reason. She'll just have to bug Sengoku personally.

And finally whoever sent the assortment of marine-related jokes to my emails is going to get my boot up their ass the minute I find out. Damn kids.
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Great. I'm covered in seagulls. Anyone know a good way to get rid of several THOUSAND seagulls?!! Every time I get rid of a hundred or so, a dozen more appear.

God damn it. I told Portgas those birds were dirty.

Now who the fuck sent him a whistle that summons every fucking seagull in 100 mile radius?! Do you have ANY idea how many of those there are on this ocean? 'Fess up now and I'll go easier on you than if you make me hunt you down. And rest assured moron, I will find you.


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