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This is a collaborated plot of marines vs. pirates (terrorists/homunculi, whatever the Seven Sins go by)
PRESENTING! The first ever collaboration plot between Smoker's crew and the Seven Sins!! All crew members on both sides WILL BE INVOLVED!!!

Takes place MARCH 16th-20th to give everyone lots of time to plan.

omg sorry this cut wasn't working *headdesk* )

For specific points you'd like to add/plot/add more/etc. leave questions, comments, and all that jazz please! THANKS EVERYONE!!

St. Poplar

Nov. 23rd, 2009 09:22 am
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Damn brass think they can tell me what to do. Tch. Finally got the orders clearing a ride over St. Poplar. Who here has been there before?

I can't take another minute in Water 7. If I don't find some pirates to hunt soon... Picking off Mello's attackers hardly counts as an appetizer.

I'm taking the sea train over and staying a couple days. No one but Tashigi has to come along but anyone who wants to should. Allen I know is coming. Karen? You still interested? Nataku too. Zenigata and Lady if you feel like it. And Lavi it's a good chance to see a new city. Did you get that information we talked about?

I think I need to get some breakfast. Anyone got recommendations or something? And some painkillers wouldn't go amiss.

Also. The ship should be fixed soon. Any last minute buying trips you'd better finish up now.


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