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Right, this is Smoker. I'm back in my own body, thanks to everyone who helped when I was a kid, and you know... during the shift.

Jitte and kickboxing lessons will be delayed until the 10th, but that doesn't mean stop practicing. Keep up the exercises, because I'll be very disappointed if any of you start slipping.

For anyone else interested in joining in, I teach basic self defense, kickboxing, and jitte. There are one-on-one sessions and group sessions, feel free to ask about a schedule because with the drafts ongoing, at least you can learn something to get a fighting chance for survival.

And who still here in the village knows anything about motorcycles? A friend recently reminded me life can be too short not to pursue some things.

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Just got an order from HQ to investigate a possible yearly meeting of pirate scum at Lavinrac Island. Some kind of mass betting game possibly similar to that idiotic Davy Back. That said, Azula, Fiyero, and anyone else nearby, you do not have to come along, I can investigate on this on my own but if you wish to, I'll welcome the company. I'll be taking Lady Justice and have sent out the orders to Ensign Tashigi and the crew still on this island. On Lavinrac Island itself, I'll be using my biroa bike but the minute I find the exact location, we'll move the ship into a tactical location.

As for the rest of you idiot punks, I better not see any of there.

[ooc: No, the Island Event isn't secret, it's well-advertised, this is a hehe let's make Smoker angry at HQ post :3 because I enjoy it. Also he's been dosed with obedience potion and will try very hard not show it. You can't contradict his higher-ranking orders or make him do something anti-justice but have fun trying to have characters figure it out and make him put a flower in his hair or something :| <3]


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