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[There is absolutely no preamble to this, Smoker just jumps straight into what he considers the most important part in his usual growling tone. And he might be a little extra ticked off with his justice bro being gone. So there's that.]

I'm not sure which of you idiot pirates has my cuffs or what you're planning to do with them, but rest assured if I do not get them returned immediately, I will hunt you down to find them. And I will not be happy when I do. [He says like he's ever happy.]

For the rest of Luceti, welcome new feathers.

My name is Smoker and I'm still offering a variety of self defense classes outside the barracks daily, rain or shine. Jitte, kickboxing, it doesn't matter if you have no experience, if you want to learn you can stop by. Just because you're stuck here doesn't mean you can't keep getting stronger.

[And just like that he slams the journal shut, back to practicing jitte over by the barracks if someone wants to find him in person. He'll also be at the bar later that night drinking alone and looking grumpy.]
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Hey Ash, if you're reading this (otherwise I'll just bring it up next session) I'm thinking of picking up the pace of your training. You're coming along pretty well, but I should talk it over with your other coach, if just to make sure we don't overdo it. What do you think?

To any and all blacksmiths here; it's a long shot since there's no marines, do any of you know how to work with seastone? Anyone at all. If not, I still need a jitte made, but it will take a lot since it goes through more abuse than a lance and needs a tailored weight.


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