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I caught up with Tashigi and sent her back to the ship. Subaru and Kamui will be my backup dealing with the remainders, Zenigata follow the doctors' orders and don't get out of bed. God damn it.

Happy will be scouting the rest of the night, if you need to get a message to someone fast you have orders to flag him down and send him wherever necessary.

Karen I'm sorry I can't be all here but I've got a nurse to stay by your side whenever I have to leave and I'll be back as soon and as often as possible, understood.

Fukuro, we can talk here, and I'll meet you for drinks after I finish up this work if you've still got the time.

God damn it, why can't I get a hold of that infernal woman!?

For everyone else I need to put together a pattern to try to pinpoint a better source for where the fruits are coming from. If you don't mind; report in with what you've eaten (of the oddly colored fruits, I don't give a damn about peanut butter, chicken and cheese -- wait... what the fuck Brooke? Really? That's disgusting!), how or where it was acquired and its ill effects. That is all. Lavi, you're in charge of recording it, I'll sort it out while I can.

Damn I could really go for some justice pie right about now.
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Who: Smoker, Karen, Tashigi, Zenigata.
What: Talking --> dinner
Why: Because Smoker fails relationships :|
Where: Water 7
When: Night of December 1st.
Rating: I'm not even going to hazard a guess.

Right, first thread/section is Smoker/Karen talk, 2nd is the dinner with the four of them. o7 *salutes*
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Where: The train ride
Who: Smoker, Tashigi and ANYONE/EVERYONE (feel free to jump in the Tashigi/Smoker thread or make your own)
Why: I'm a sucker for logs and guuhhh cute stuff resolution
What: Taking the train from St. Poplar to Water 7, Smoker dealing with Tashigi's SECRET motion sickness
When: Thursday COMING BACK.
Rating: G for sweet and cute unless someone amps it <3

Smoker checked in on the separate bedroom car he'd gotten his Ensign. )


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