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Welcome back from the Draft, for those still returning. To the New Feathers, or anyone else, my name is Vice Admiral Smoker. I teach basic self-defense, kick-boxing, and jitte outside of the barracks. While not everyone gets taken on the drafts, there's no warning who will get dragged on them, and learning to defend yourself while you can might save your life on one of them.

And if anyone still has a painted rock with the emblem for "Justice" on it, I'd like it back. Whatever it takes.

It's occurred to me recently that just as different people have different ideas of Justice, so too do they have different idea what of true strength is. What do you consider true strength, and do you think it differs from your world's idea of it? I guess you could say it's been on my mind lately.



Jan. 21st, 2011 12:43 am
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For Kirimi, Simon, and Elizabeth: Lessons will be on hold for the next few days as I'm going ice fishing. However, this is not an excuse to allow for slacking off, and I expect the three of you to keep up independent exercises in my absence, even if you did just start.

For everyone else, if there's anyone else interesting in learning marine-style fighting, kickboxing, or the jitte let me know. I'm not training pirates or anyone I feel is likely to use it for anything other than self-defense and justice though.

And if anyone's been ice fishing on the lake before, are there any good points for it? Hn. Hopefully it won't snow again.


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