justicereigns: (Little again)
Smoker ([personal profile] justicereigns) wrote2012-05-16 07:29 pm

[Video] [Returned from Mallynap; kid!marine get]

[Smoker looks pretty ticked off, which is completely typical for him. Being twelve years old (though he looks 8 years old) that's not so typical.]

Hey hey! I don't know what the big idea is, leaving me in some forest, I mean it's not even Loguetown, so what the hell Luceti is, or whatever. But the marine's jacket? Don't even try to pin that on me.

Look, whoever's out there: I did not steal this thing, okay?

It's not even regulation! [Points to the green fur and shortness of it.] Trying to get me in trouble... So yeah. Whoever this belongs to, I'm just gonna borrow a cigar. But I'll pay you back by returning this thing. Sure hope your boss is lenient about losing it. [Mutters to himself.] And breaking the dress code. Since when is green a marine color?

Man this fake den den mushi thing needs a map. I can't even find the marine base on this. Does anyone know where it is? Or who this belongs to?

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