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Smoker ([personal profile] justicereigns) wrote2012-11-21 08:24 pm

[Voice] Lessons & Named Attacks / Action pre-kidnapping

Hello to New Feathers, and old.

This is Smoker, I teach jitte, self-defense, and kickboxing over by the barracks. By now I'm sure most of you have heard about the drafts that happen here, and it never hurts to be as prepared as you can be. Chun-Li also teaches lessons, particularly for beginners, but she can do private lessons too. If you want, she's also wiling to teach proper firearm use. No experience required, but if you have experience, we can work with that too.

For more experienced fighters, I've got a question for you. Do you make your own attacks, and if so, do you name them? And how do you decide on the names or themes in that case?


[ooc: If your character's interested in classes, Chun-Li might threadjump if that's okay!]

[Smoker's actually out early on the Thursday of the 22nd, getting in a few extra hours of exercise alone in the cold before anyone shows up -- hypothetically. He brought out an entire pot of coffee and he's got an extra empty cup next to his own, more out of a habit he doesn't care to kick than anything else. It's a few hours and well into morning before he's kidnapped, leaving behind only the coffee, jitte, and sunglasses. Lupin will be finding both sunglasses and jitte and holding onto the sunglasses. However, anyone's welcome to come join Smoker for coffee or exercise. After that, he'll be kidnapped for awhile. Good thing he mentioned Chun-Li also teaches, huh?]

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