Oct. 19th, 2013 07:30 pm
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[It never fails, right? Make a plan like a New Year's Resolution, and it's doomed to fail. Not even a mountain of perfectly stacked rocks seem to be enough to change his luck on that. Smoker's voice is predictably growly as usual.]

It looks like the rest of the New Feathers are done trickling in and that often means a new draft is coming. They do not seem to prefer acquiring fighters, and as such, even people unaccustomed to fighting need to be prepared. I teach basic self-defense, jitte, and kickboxing outside of the barracks every day. Anyone interested in learning is welcome to join in, or just stop by for warmups.

On a lighter note, I feel like making some ice cream. Anyone want some? Just name the flavor you want. Go wild. Just not rum, some miscreant, probably a pirate, ran off with all of it recently.

And whoever switched my cigars with "pumpkin spice," the joke's on you, I actually like it. So there.
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[This is a man who sounds pretty angry. Of course if you know Smoker well, then you might know he often sounds like that. Still, even for Smoker, clearly something's set him off.]

Welcome to New Feathers, if you haven't heard about the Shifts or Drafts yet, I suggest you look into it. If you want to learn basic self defense I could teach you, or Chun-Li could, or any of other teachers who offer it. Normally I'd offer to teach jitte as well, but I'm using flimsy knock-offs right now because some idiot seems to have borrowed it without permission.

[And here he gives a lethal glare to the camera.] I know a pirate took it before, and I've spent all this month hunting you down. I don't know who took it, but step forward now and I'll be far more lenient than if you continue to make me wait!

[His tone suggests that "lenient" means he'll only beat the thief half to death instead of two-thirds.]

I'll be by the barracks stacking rocks. [And making a snowman. Not that he's going to admit to that to anyone. Except kids maybe.]
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[Wait. What is he doing in Luceti? And why is he smoking two cigars? Surely that is setting a very bad example for the kids! And dang, don't those scars look a little familiar? Along with the scowling face? Why yes! It's Smoker! Back from his kidnapping! He clears his throat gruffly and... wait for it.... wait for it....]

[Why yes! That is Smoker, dressed as Santa, caroling. It's a holiday miracle!]

Have a holly jolly Christmas....

[He sounds like someone just killed his pet. Dear god, that's about as far from "holly jolly as you can get!]

It's the best time of the year.
I don't care if there'll be snow.
I just want a rum and beer.

[... Um. We're experiencing some technical difficulties, as a green little elf hand stops the journal transmission. After a few seconds he comes back and TRIES to be a little more cheerful...ish.]

Have a holly jolly Christmas
And when you walk down the street... [He twitches. Can he do it? Can he keep up this masquerade of holiday spirits and Santa Claus holly jolly warmth?!]
Say hello to --

No. That's it. I'm done. Keep your damn rum cookies you tyrant! I'm out of here.

[And he storms out, shutting off his journal to take it with him.


[If anyone wants to find him, he's skipping teaching lessons today and just bumming around the bar instead. Still stuck in his Santa costume. It doesn't come off. And thus his immense frustration. Besides Chun-Li already mentioned covering them so fuck it. Time for booze. Also, if no one stops him, he'll be lighting up his cigars with a cigar menorah. Yes. A cigar menorah. Too bad no matter how he tries he can't seem to pry the cigars out of there. Oh... and he does try. At least they keep smoking and smelling vaguely pine like! Awww how festive.]

God damn it! These cigars don't even taste like cigars! I might as well just be eating candy canes!! [Gives up and stubs them out, slumping his head into the bar. Being Smoker is suffering. Not to mention... what the hell is in that sack he's got anyway?]
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[Smoker looks pretty ticked off, which is completely typical for him. Being twelve years old (though he looks 8 years old) that's not so typical.]

Hey hey! I don't know what the big idea is, leaving me in some forest, I mean it's not even Loguetown, so what the hell Luceti is, or whatever. But the marine's jacket? Don't even try to pin that on me.

Look, whoever's out there: I did not steal this thing, okay?

It's not even regulation! [Points to the green fur and shortness of it.] Trying to get me in trouble... So yeah. Whoever this belongs to, I'm just gonna borrow a cigar. But I'll pay you back by returning this thing. Sure hope your boss is lenient about losing it. [Mutters to himself.] And breaking the dress code. Since when is green a marine color?

Man this fake den den mushi thing needs a map. I can't even find the marine base on this. Does anyone know where it is? Or who this belongs to?


Apr. 21st, 2010 03:18 pm
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I found my jacket and cuffs, loaded up on free cigars, still haven't found my jitte.

If anyone's seen a big-ass metal and seastone stick kicking around, I'd like it back. Assuming it's in this place.

Downside to finding the jacket, it doesn't fit over the damned wings. It looks like I'll either have to cut holes into the jacket or get a new one. Damn it. Anyone know of a better solution? What do you people usually do for it?

Still haven't seen any other marines, but just in case Long-Nose is lying, if any exist here: report in immediately.


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