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This place is actually as impressive as it looks at first glance. The architecture reminds me of Loguetown's buildings but the canals for traveling are certainly... unique. Miss my bike. I still haven't tried the mizu meat but Nataku and Allen I picked up some mizu candy while I was checking on the ship's repairs. I got extra forgetting Yachiru isn't here so if you want some come get it.

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A note to all crew: I don't care how "cute" you think the yagara sea bulls are, we are NOT keeping one! No more damn pets!

I have to leave to go rescue an idiot. No one do anything stupid while I'm gone, Tashigi's in charge. Any final questions ask now. And try not to leave the island. Especially you Lavi. If you want to take the sea train it can wait until I get back.

Fukuro I need your help if you've got the spare time.
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Elle, you can have your 1 hour test demonstration on my ship. Rinali, Lady, and whoever else wishes to (accepting wanted pirates who welcome to come to my ship if they want their asses thrown in the brig) are welcome to participate during this one-hour frame. And ONLY one-hour.

I do not wish to disallow... individually just on the basis of it being different and infuriatingly obnoxious. And if I don't allow it I'm sure someone will get into their head to practice in secret which is even worse. There's certainly no rule against it. Aokiji is still going to laugh at me. However some ground rules are required.

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On another marines note; stop fucking buying shit from Mello. He is our enemy. I will put him behind bars given the chance. Talk to him by all means but try to figure out his next move don't make friends with him, he will only use and hurt you.

Ataru's bringing a bunch of okonomiyaki, anyone else want some?

Fiyero, I want you to meet Rinali's blobfish. You look alike except you're the pretty one. I'm sure you'll get along fantastically.

Oh. And welcome aboard Riku. Try not to fuck up as badly as the rest of them.

I'm going out for a ride. Tashigi's in charge.


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