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Where: The train ride
Who: Smoker, Tashigi and ANYONE/EVERYONE (feel free to jump in the Tashigi/Smoker thread or make your own)
Why: I'm a sucker for logs and guuhhh cute stuff resolution
What: Taking the train from St. Poplar to Water 7, Smoker dealing with Tashigi's SECRET motion sickness
When: Thursday COMING BACK.
Rating: G for sweet and cute unless someone amps it <3

Smoker checked in on the separate bedroom car he'd gotten his Ensign. )

St. Poplar

Nov. 23rd, 2009 09:22 am
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Damn brass think they can tell me what to do. Tch. Finally got the orders clearing a ride over St. Poplar. Who here has been there before?

I can't take another minute in Water 7. If I don't find some pirates to hunt soon... Picking off Mello's attackers hardly counts as an appetizer.

I'm taking the sea train over and staying a couple days. No one but Tashigi has to come along but anyone who wants to should. Allen I know is coming. Karen? You still interested? Nataku too. Zenigata and Lady if you feel like it. And Lavi it's a good chance to see a new city. Did you get that information we talked about?

I think I need to get some breakfast. Anyone got recommendations or something? And some painkillers wouldn't go amiss.

Also. The ship should be fixed soon. Any last minute buying trips you'd better finish up now.
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This place is actually as impressive as it looks at first glance. The architecture reminds me of Loguetown's buildings but the canals for traveling are certainly... unique. Miss my bike. I still haven't tried the mizu meat but Nataku and Allen I picked up some mizu candy while I was checking on the ship's repairs. I got extra forgetting Yachiru isn't here so if you want some come get it.

picture )

A note to all crew: I don't care how "cute" you think the yagara sea bulls are, we are NOT keeping one! No more damn pets!

I have to leave to go rescue an idiot. No one do anything stupid while I'm gone, Tashigi's in charge. Any final questions ask now. And try not to leave the island. Especially you Lavi. If you want to take the sea train it can wait until I get back.

Fukuro I need your help if you've got the spare time.


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