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Smoker ([personal profile] justicereigns) wrote2012-05-26 11:53 pm

Log 002

[She slowly drifts to awareness, feeling slightly heavy. The scent of tobacco lingering in the air. Has she been teleported to Sanji's bed again? She raises a hand to her forehead and stops. Her hand is too big. Her arm moves in a different way, a strange way and there is something...... off. Very off. Her body is not her body. Robin opens her eyes and finds herself in Zoro. ...Or, maybe not, though it certainly looks like Zoro minus the scars. Hmm. Pulling back the blankets she lifts the hem of her boxers and checks. Not Zoro then. Unless he has a very interesting dye job. The boxers themselves are white with a Marine logo on them.]


[Was that her voice? No...no of course not, it was his. Smoker, obviously. Who else? She can't seem to access any of his memories though, pity. Though on the other hand.... She concentrates for a moment and feels the changes, as if she has hands that can feel every square inch of air, sensitive to movement, air pressure, incredible power. Though it takes more effort to reform herself, himself? And when she does she finds she has left the boxers behind and it is another interesting sensation all together.]

Well, then.

[A moment later she is dressed and with practice acquired from a similar event, lights one cigar and then, remembering, the other, as she stares at the mirror and Smoker grimaces back at her.]

[This should be interesting.]

[Ooc: Robin will be everywhere today trying to see what trouble she can get into.]

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