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Smoker can't come to the journal right now because he's out not!arresting pirates so leave a message.

Date/time & Means of contact (Writing, Voice, Video, or Action)

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Oct. 19th, 2013 07:30 pm
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[It never fails, right? Make a plan like a New Year's Resolution, and it's doomed to fail. Not even a mountain of perfectly stacked rocks seem to be enough to change his luck on that. Smoker's voice is predictably growly as usual.]

It looks like the rest of the New Feathers are done trickling in and that often means a new draft is coming. They do not seem to prefer acquiring fighters, and as such, even people unaccustomed to fighting need to be prepared. I teach basic self-defense, jitte, and kickboxing outside of the barracks every day. Anyone interested in learning is welcome to join in, or just stop by for warmups.

On a lighter note, I feel like making some ice cream. Anyone want some? Just name the flavor you want. Go wild. Just not rum, some miscreant, probably a pirate, ran off with all of it recently.

And whoever switched my cigars with "pumpkin spice," the joke's on you, I actually like it. So there.
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[Smoker might have gone a bit on a bender. One of those "everything is wrong, let's just drink into oblivion" kinds. Justice isn't what it ought to be, pirates are turning into heroes and even Smoker isn't as good at hunting through people's hearts as he thought. Vergo was adjusting his newspapers and Smoker didn't even catch on. That was why he needed Tashigi, and she wasn't here. So here in Luceti, Smoker couldn't tell enemy from from friend anymore. At least not on a grand scale. Malnosso? Third Party? Too many factions, too many wildcards. He thought he could just ignore those factions and focus on what was directly at hand, but that's becoming less and less of an option. Option? What options?]

[So he's drinking.]

[And you know what Smoker does when he drinks? He stacks rocks.]

[Sure, that sounds benign enough, but that would be a serious underestimation of Smoker's love for going overboard.]

ooc cut for giant picture )

Now this is what you can do with non-defective rocks! [He is just so proud.]
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[As Smoker moves through the village of Luceti, checking old haunts, and getting his things, he catches himself up in his usual way of stalking the journal before heading to the barracks.]

cut for Action, song, and introspection )

[Sometime when it's all over, he walks around at night, singing again and looking at houses.] [That's when he makes the journal post in voice.]

I'm back. Ikki, get your ass back to the village if you left. [An irritable huff.] And I need to see a doctor. [He can't bring himself to say please. Can't bring himself to mention Law by name either.] Whoever's available, it's important. [He probably shouldn't have been exercising in this condition, but whatever. He goes at his own pace.]

For New Feathers, I'm Smoker. [A marine. Vice Admiral of G-5, it means nothing to no one, except a few, and to G-5, he's their last savior. Traitors everywhere.] I intend to pick up teaching basic self-defense, kickboxing, and jitte outside the barracks, daily. If you haven't been told yet, there are Drafts rather frequently and the Malnosso have no qualms about taking noncombatants.

And to anyone a little more battle-hardened... [Where does he even begin? "Hey have you ever had one day where everything you ever knew about right and wrong were turned inside out, only that day then sort of became the story of your life? Oh and my best friend is currently a badass hobo who saved my life from a good guy traitor. Not really sure how to take that...."]

I just had a very long day that lasted about twenty years of my life. I need a drink. [And a friend. A pair of ears. Someone to talk to him and tell him he wasn't going nuts. Or maybe just tell him the truth... whatever that was at this point.] That's meant to be an invitation. Open to anyone. For one night only, that includes pirates.
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Welcome back from the Draft, for those still returning. To the New Feathers, or anyone else, my name is Vice Admiral Smoker. I teach basic self-defense, kick-boxing, and jitte outside of the barracks. While not everyone gets taken on the drafts, there's no warning who will get dragged on them, and learning to defend yourself while you can might save your life on one of them.

And if anyone still has a painted rock with the emblem for "Justice" on it, I'd like it back. Whatever it takes.

It's occurred to me recently that just as different people have different ideas of Justice, so too do they have different idea what of true strength is. What do you consider true strength, and do you think it differs from your world's idea of it? I guess you could say it's been on my mind lately.

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[This is a man who sounds pretty angry. Of course if you know Smoker well, then you might know he often sounds like that. Still, even for Smoker, clearly something's set him off.]

Welcome to New Feathers, if you haven't heard about the Shifts or Drafts yet, I suggest you look into it. If you want to learn basic self defense I could teach you, or Chun-Li could, or any of other teachers who offer it. Normally I'd offer to teach jitte as well, but I'm using flimsy knock-offs right now because some idiot seems to have borrowed it without permission.

[And here he gives a lethal glare to the camera.] I know a pirate took it before, and I've spent all this month hunting you down. I don't know who took it, but step forward now and I'll be far more lenient than if you continue to make me wait!

[His tone suggests that "lenient" means he'll only beat the thief half to death instead of two-thirds.]

I'll be by the barracks stacking rocks. [And making a snowman. Not that he's going to admit to that to anyone. Except kids maybe.]
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[Wait. What is he doing in Luceti? And why is he smoking two cigars? Surely that is setting a very bad example for the kids! And dang, don't those scars look a little familiar? Along with the scowling face? Why yes! It's Smoker! Back from his kidnapping! He clears his throat gruffly and... wait for it.... wait for it....]

[Why yes! That is Smoker, dressed as Santa, caroling. It's a holiday miracle!]

Have a holly jolly Christmas....

[He sounds like someone just killed his pet. Dear god, that's about as far from "holly jolly as you can get!]

It's the best time of the year.
I don't care if there'll be snow.
I just want a rum and beer.

[... Um. We're experiencing some technical difficulties, as a green little elf hand stops the journal transmission. After a few seconds he comes back and TRIES to be a little more cheerful...ish.]

Have a holly jolly Christmas
And when you walk down the street... [He twitches. Can he do it? Can he keep up this masquerade of holiday spirits and Santa Claus holly jolly warmth?!]
Say hello to --

No. That's it. I'm done. Keep your damn rum cookies you tyrant! I'm out of here.

[And he storms out, shutting off his journal to take it with him.


[If anyone wants to find him, he's skipping teaching lessons today and just bumming around the bar instead. Still stuck in his Santa costume. It doesn't come off. And thus his immense frustration. Besides Chun-Li already mentioned covering them so fuck it. Time for booze. Also, if no one stops him, he'll be lighting up his cigars with a cigar menorah. Yes. A cigar menorah. Too bad no matter how he tries he can't seem to pry the cigars out of there. Oh... and he does try. At least they keep smoking and smelling vaguely pine like! Awww how festive.]

God damn it! These cigars don't even taste like cigars! I might as well just be eating candy canes!! [Gives up and stubs them out, slumping his head into the bar. Being Smoker is suffering. Not to mention... what the hell is in that sack he's got anyway?]
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Hello to New Feathers, and old.

This is Smoker, I teach jitte, self-defense, and kickboxing over by the barracks. By now I'm sure most of you have heard about the drafts that happen here, and it never hurts to be as prepared as you can be. Chun-Li also teaches lessons, particularly for beginners, but she can do private lessons too. If you want, she's also wiling to teach proper firearm use. No experience required, but if you have experience, we can work with that too.

For more experienced fighters, I've got a question for you. Do you make your own attacks, and if so, do you name them? And how do you decide on the names or themes in that case?


[ooc: If your character's interested in classes, Chun-Li might threadjump if that's okay!]

Action pre-kidnapping morning of 22nd )
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Hello New Feathers and old, I'm Cap-- Err Smoker. [Wow Proof he has done this message way too many times, he momentarily forgot his own rank. Woops. Not that it even matters here.]

I teach jitte, kickboxing, and basic self-defense outside the barracks, and it's open to anyone, no matter how inexperienced. As you may have heard by now, every so often the Malnosso take people at random for drafts, and while non-combatants have other opportunities to help support, any self defense can help.

For others, I wanted to ask about other world's or country's history regarding executions. Are there any that changed the world, or have other people here seen them personally?

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[There is absolutely no preamble to this, Smoker just jumps straight into what he considers the most important part in his usual growling tone. And he might be a little extra ticked off with his justice bro being gone. So there's that.]

I'm not sure which of you idiot pirates has my cuffs or what you're planning to do with them, but rest assured if I do not get them returned immediately, I will hunt you down to find them. And I will not be happy when I do. [He says like he's ever happy.]

For the rest of Luceti, welcome new feathers.

My name is Smoker and I'm still offering a variety of self defense classes outside the barracks daily, rain or shine. Jitte, kickboxing, it doesn't matter if you have no experience, if you want to learn you can stop by. Just because you're stuck here doesn't mean you can't keep getting stronger.

[And just like that he slams the journal shut, back to practicing jitte over by the barracks if someone wants to find him in person. He'll also be at the bar later that night drinking alone and looking grumpy.]
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Right, this is Smoker. I'm back in my own body, thanks to everyone who helped when I was a kid, and you know... during the shift.

Jitte and kickboxing lessons will be delayed until the 10th, but that doesn't mean stop practicing. Keep up the exercises, because I'll be very disappointed if any of you start slipping.

For anyone else interested in joining in, I teach basic self defense, kickboxing, and jitte. There are one-on-one sessions and group sessions, feel free to ask about a schedule because with the drafts ongoing, at least you can learn something to get a fighting chance for survival.

And who still here in the village knows anything about motorcycles? A friend recently reminded me life can be too short not to pursue some things.

Unfiltered cuts to Lupin, and Kotomi-chan respectively )

Log 002

May. 26th, 2012 11:53 pm
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[She slowly drifts to awareness, feeling slightly heavy. The scent of tobacco lingering in the air. Has she been teleported to Sanji's bed again? She raises a hand to her forehead and stops. Her hand is too big. Her arm moves in a different way, a strange way and there is something...... off. Very off. Her body is not her body. Robin opens her eyes and finds herself in Zoro. ...Or, maybe not, though it certainly looks like Zoro minus the scars. Hmm. Pulling back the blankets she lifts the hem of her boxers and checks. Not Zoro then. Unless he has a very interesting dye job. The boxers themselves are white with a Marine logo on them.]


[Was that her voice? No...no of course not, it was his. Smoker, obviously. Who else? She can't seem to access any of his memories though, pity. Though on the other hand.... She concentrates for a moment and feels the changes, as if she has hands that can feel every square inch of air, sensitive to movement, air pressure, incredible power. Though it takes more effort to reform herself, himself? And when she does she finds she has left the boxers behind and it is another interesting sensation all together.]

Well, then.

[A moment later she is dressed and with practice acquired from a similar event, lights one cigar and then, remembering, the other, as she stares at the mirror and Smoker grimaces back at her.]

[This should be interesting.]

[Ooc: Robin will be everywhere today trying to see what trouble she can get into.]
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[Smoker looks pretty ticked off, which is completely typical for him. Being twelve years old (though he looks 8 years old) that's not so typical.]

Hey hey! I don't know what the big idea is, leaving me in some forest, I mean it's not even Loguetown, so what the hell Luceti is, or whatever. But the marine's jacket? Don't even try to pin that on me.

Look, whoever's out there: I did not steal this thing, okay?

It's not even regulation! [Points to the green fur and shortness of it.] Trying to get me in trouble... So yeah. Whoever this belongs to, I'm just gonna borrow a cigar. But I'll pay you back by returning this thing. Sure hope your boss is lenient about losing it. [Mutters to himself.] And breaking the dress code. Since when is green a marine color?

Man this fake den den mushi thing needs a map. I can't even find the marine base on this. Does anyone know where it is? Or who this belongs to?
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[Despite Smoker's fairly infamous aversion to shirts and zipping up his jacket, he's now wearing a long brown trenchcoat and even a fedora. In fact those who know [personal profile] greatinspector might even think it's him, except that he's taller than the sudden hatless Inspector, and smoking two cigars. Speaking of the Inspector, he's standing right by Smoker, wearing the trademark justice jacket and jeans. They give a nod to each other and yell out their respective lines, issuing a challenge to the journal. (Smoker in grey, Inspector in Brown.)]



[And they're off, going their separate ways to hunt down... each other's foes. Let confusion abound! Everyone feel free to gawk, jump in and/or try to stop them. Smoker won't be using his devil fruit (it's not sporting) but Smoker did give Zenigata the seastone cuffs to likewise, give Zenigata a reasonable edge on Luffy. -- Please don't try to take the cuffs, Smoker will intervene if things get too rough, but I'll try to give another chance for pirates to steal his cuffs in the future. -- Neither Luffy nor Lupin ICly know what's going down, but they will be chased with Zenigata trying to "arrest" Luffy and Smoker trying to "arrest" Lupin. Happy (very late) April Fool's everyone!]
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[The minute Smoker realizes he's back in Luceti, he gets his jitte. Like hell he's letting some pirate take it for a few months again. Then there's the basic things. A month's supply of cigars, and oh, isn't that nice of him, they even thought to get him a bunch of his own marine brand. They literally say marine on the little gold tabs, so surely no pirates would want to try them, right? Then it's off to get coffee, prowl around the general vicinity and head on home. As he's heading inside, the sheer amount of packages he's carrying jostles the journal open.]

Ikki, I have to thank you for the Cosmos-- Haki... [Annoyed growl. No Ikki. :| Figures. So he goes to open the journal for real and everyone can get a look at Smoker, two years later, no longer wearing his hair in awesome spikes, sunglasses, a giant scar, but still 100% Smoker.] Where the hell is Ikki? And how long have I been gone that he moved out? [He can tell Ikkk is still in Luceti, if not where, but what the hell man?] What's the date?

Right, to everyone else, I'm Vice Admiral Smoker. [Oh that's right, he uses his real title now. Watch out world.] As soon as I can, I'd like to get back into teaching jitte and kickboxing. Any old or new students, we'll meet at the barracks. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are open sessions, the other days can be scheduled for private hours or one on one sparring. If anyone spots a marine, let me know. Do not try to engage anyone from G5 in a regular conversation, they've earned their reputation as being pyromaniac psychos, just send them my way and I'll deal with them. [There is no affection to that. If anything "deal with them" sounds a little like "beat senseless and chain to a wall somewhere." Anyone want to laugh at him for his choice of command post?]

I assume we must be in a New Feather cycle, so welcome to Luceti. There are other people teaching forms of martial arts or filial magic, but unless the Drafts and missions have stopped -- which I doubt -- you'll want to take advantage of at least one form if you can.

All right, that's all.

[Feel free to action jump Smoker anytime before getting home, or right afterwards because he will be out and about being Smoker.]
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[Hello Luceti, is the nice little ice storm distracting you from post-Valentine's woes? Don't worry, here's a grumpy marine asking questions to painfully reminds you all.]

Seeing as we're all stuck inside -- [Once again, an usually feminine voice from Smoker's journal account.] -- I've got a question for everyone affected by the event.

Are there normally lines you won't cross in relationships that the Malnosso seem to cross for you? Or do they seem to take those into consideration instead? Since they seem to know us pretty well, it begs the question whether they're using our weaknesses, or if it's completely random.

And if anyone needs help out there in the storm, let me know. This weather is good practice.

[ooc: and feel free to threadjump like the dickens. It might be the only time Smoker keeps quieter than not, seeing as he's a girl now.]


Feb. 15th, 2012 02:07 pm
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Nice of them to leave my jacket. [AWKWARD PAUSE. The voice coming from Smoker's journal account is not his usual. Or from a male at all.]

What's with my voice?! [That just squeaks there in high-pitched worry.]

Ah hell... I have boobs.

Fuck you Malnosso.

[He... she rather, clears her voice.]

S-Smoker is back... [That's a bit hesitant.] Ikki, he... he might need help. Jitte and kickboxing lessons will return to normal, sorry everyone about the delay. Could I have a headcount of everyone still wishing to take them? I might need to reorganize his schedules.

[The last part is muffled as he starts to shut the journal.]

Damn it! These jeans are way too big! Now what?!
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For those who knew her, Grell Sutcliffe has been sent home. She will be missed. [At least by him. For those who were her victims... well.]

For New Feathers, I'm Captain Smoker. [Commodore. Whatever. He doesn't acknowledge that. Especially in Luceti.] And I train jitte outside the barracks. For those already learning, lessons are not disrupted. For group sessions, anyone can drop in and join, those are run through most of the afternoons. I also offer one on one lessons and kickboxing.

We're also still looking to assemble anyone with police enforcement experience, so don't be afraid to speak up.

On a more leisurely note, Ginia, what do you say to having a poker game once a week at the Cloud Nine? [Because he really needs another addiction on top of the others.]


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