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Who: Smoker/Ace
What: Discussing "Vacation" time
Warnings: NC-17... ONE DAY we will have a REAL log with NO PORN between these two my god. :| We keep going "Hey let's log" "Okay! But no porn this time" :| And someday that will really happen. This is not that day.
When: Somewhere around this time period-ish. Sunday the 12th night? I think so. Or the 11th. Whichever.
Where: Smoker's room
Special notes: We did this kind of a long time ago, trying something different. This was our practice before taking it here and we're thinking we'd like to keep it because it's more fun and more IC (we're told) but without saying what it is, see if you can figure it out. If you care... which you probably don't. *goes back into hiding* Oh wait last thing. If for some reason you wish to use Smoker's forced vacation time (with or without Ace) let me know~ Because otherwise he'll just keep working in secret. Damn crazy workaholic.

In which Ace cons vacation time out of Smoker )
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Who: Ace, Smoker... and Garp. :|
What: The sad but true adventures of Smoker and Ace at the fashion show.
When: The night of the fashion show.
Where: S.S. Haruhi
Warnings: Uh~ R? Or NC-17?
Why: Because crack was needed. And Smoker/Ace is doomed to fail miserably.

Interrupting, for fun and profit. )


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