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Right, this is Smoker. I'm back in my own body, thanks to everyone who helped when I was a kid, and you know... during the shift.

Jitte and kickboxing lessons will be delayed until the 10th, but that doesn't mean stop practicing. Keep up the exercises, because I'll be very disappointed if any of you start slipping.

For anyone else interested in joining in, I teach basic self defense, kickboxing, and jitte. There are one-on-one sessions and group sessions, feel free to ask about a schedule because with the drafts ongoing, at least you can learn something to get a fighting chance for survival.

And who still here in the village knows anything about motorcycles? A friend recently reminded me life can be too short not to pursue some things.

Unfiltered cuts to Lupin, and Kotomi-chan respectively )
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Set the sails, all hands on deck if you're read this.

I found the idiot rear-admiral's ship. We're taking it back. We'll need everyone to sail both back. I sent in the forms informing the brass. To hell with their damn orders. They already failed the attempt to get it back.

Yachiru you ready for a fight with those idiots if necessary?

Allen, I want you still in that sling.

And the rest of you idiots; get a move on.
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A marine ship. You stole a marine ship. And not any marine ship, a fucking rear admiral's ship.

Do you have NO common sense or just a death wish?!

Allow me to oblige the latter.

Arsene Lupin III, the minute I find you you're under arrest you bastard.

And Brooke! Don't think I don't know you were involved! AFRO BATS of all things were spotted at the scene! And there's a large cursive B in Lupin's calling card! Do not insult marine intelligence further you idiots!


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