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[As Smoker moves through the village of Luceti, checking old haunts, and getting his things, he catches himself up in his usual way of stalking the journal before heading to the barracks.]

cut for Action, song, and introspection )

[Sometime when it's all over, he walks around at night, singing again and looking at houses.] [That's when he makes the journal post in voice.]

I'm back. Ikki, get your ass back to the village if you left. [An irritable huff.] And I need to see a doctor. [He can't bring himself to say please. Can't bring himself to mention Law by name either.] Whoever's available, it's important. [He probably shouldn't have been exercising in this condition, but whatever. He goes at his own pace.]

For New Feathers, I'm Smoker. [A marine. Vice Admiral of G-5, it means nothing to no one, except a few, and to G-5, he's their last savior. Traitors everywhere.] I intend to pick up teaching basic self-defense, kickboxing, and jitte outside the barracks, daily. If you haven't been told yet, there are Drafts rather frequently and the Malnosso have no qualms about taking noncombatants.

And to anyone a little more battle-hardened... [Where does he even begin? "Hey have you ever had one day where everything you ever knew about right and wrong were turned inside out, only that day then sort of became the story of your life? Oh and my best friend is currently a badass hobo who saved my life from a good guy traitor. Not really sure how to take that...."]

I just had a very long day that lasted about twenty years of my life. I need a drink. [And a friend. A pair of ears. Someone to talk to him and tell him he wasn't going nuts. Or maybe just tell him the truth... whatever that was at this point.] That's meant to be an invitation. Open to anyone. For one night only, that includes pirates.
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Welcome back from the Draft, for those still returning. To the New Feathers, or anyone else, my name is Vice Admiral Smoker. I teach basic self-defense, kick-boxing, and jitte outside of the barracks. While not everyone gets taken on the drafts, there's no warning who will get dragged on them, and learning to defend yourself while you can might save your life on one of them.

And if anyone still has a painted rock with the emblem for "Justice" on it, I'd like it back. Whatever it takes.

It's occurred to me recently that just as different people have different ideas of Justice, so too do they have different idea what of true strength is. What do you consider true strength, and do you think it differs from your world's idea of it? I guess you could say it's been on my mind lately.

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For those who knew her, Grell Sutcliffe has been sent home. She will be missed. [At least by him. For those who were her victims... well.]

For New Feathers, I'm Captain Smoker. [Commodore. Whatever. He doesn't acknowledge that. Especially in Luceti.] And I train jitte outside the barracks. For those already learning, lessons are not disrupted. For group sessions, anyone can drop in and join, those are run through most of the afternoons. I also offer one on one lessons and kickboxing.

We're also still looking to assemble anyone with police enforcement experience, so don't be afraid to speak up.

On a more leisurely note, Ginia, what do you say to having a poker game once a week at the Cloud Nine? [Because he really needs another addiction on top of the others.]
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Attention newcomers and those familiar with Ikki.

He is not allowed anymore booze, don't set him free. [As he says this, Ikki can be heard protesting in the background.]

I have better things to do than be handcuffed like a criminal!

It's for your own good. I'm keeping the key on me, don't even try to get it. You can get out when you aren't going to get drunk again.

Argh! Couldn't you have got the worried samaritan act tomorrow?!

As for any other new feathers, once you've checked in at the Welcome Center and settled in, I'm Smoker, I offer training in the jitte or kickboxing. There's a Draft here every so often so there's no telling when you'll need to be able to fight. Might as well learn while you can. And I'd like to speak to anyone interested in setting up a more permanent justice system for this place. That is all.

[ooc: Ikki's been getting drunk constantly lately (back to back important sad dates for him) so Smoker handcuffed him with seastone in apartment. Action spam is totally welcome. Smoker won't stay in their apartment, and he is keeping the key on him like he said. The cuffs are incredibly strong. But simply trying to let Ikki out to steal the cuffs might be hard unless you're Mr. 3. If your character would want to try to steal the cuffs though, let me know and we can work something out XD]
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[For the entire time, Smoker has been trying to control his outbursts. Because manly marines don't sing. Or at least Smoker doesn't. Not that he's exactly had much say in this. At least he'd escaped with no one seeing the skipping. Until now. Because there's just something about that fountain that makes everyone, even those who hate water thanks to devil fruit -- want to sing and dance. Internally Smoker would like to do anything to stop this unfortunate event. But that's not happening. And so it all climaxes to a full out chorus of Tarantaras, complete with "marching" around in a circle. Any psuedo-policeman types are encouraged to join in, because the more you say Tarantara, the more addicting it gets. Besides, the last time Smoker did a cartwheel was... never. And he would like to just crawl into a hole and die. And just when he's quite certain he's lost all respect forever, he growls into the journal.]

Shouldn't this god damn thing be over with by now?!


Not that I mind having the kids around.

Tarantara Tarantara.

Ugh... maybe if I just never talk again...

[First person to say he sings like a (drunk) angel wins fifty points.]
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And we're out of here. I found the "leader" of the island in the midst of the men in suits. He rewards them with sand dollars and the chasing the bears and bulls is apparently some form of training for an extreme decathlon. Apparently it's spring training like for baseball. Every time this year the bears come down from the mountains and wrestle the bulls for dominance over the island. If you want to know why go send a freaking zoologist.

We're heading through the calm belt everyone, so absolutely no one, I mean no one, not Tashigi or any of you idiots, is to go swimming. I don't care how many daredevils think seaking baiting is great sport, on the Grand Line you might get one or two. Calm Belts will give you dozens. Understood? Tch. Idiots.

Everyone better be training because I'm not rescuing you from dying in the fight. I'm sure Tashigi will offer last minute sparring and darts sessions for all interested parties.

Promotions are being sent in at the end of this month. Start shaping up now.

Allen, get your ass back here before the next island. I'm not fooling around.

Karen, let's talk.
Oh, Happy and I also want to formally invite you and Charle to dinner before we reach the Calm Belts. If it's not too much trouble.
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[Here you see a happy Smoker. A really genuinely ridiculously happy Smoker. Drink it in, it's a rarity.]

This is the best island ever! [He's as lit up as a kid at Christmas.] I dub this COFFEE ISLAND!!! [And now he's showing off the rivers of coffee and grabbing another steaming cup. Really he's ecstatic.]

Smoker-Junsho! Smoker-Junsho! [A marine snapping a salute shows up on screen.]

Call me Captain. [Happy growl from Smoker as the marine brings him paperwork.]

Sir! Orders from the Brass! [He hands over the papers, but then they burst into flames.]

[Smoker is even MORE thrilled.] This is the greatest island in the world. Look look!! [Shows off his neatly stacked 10-high rocks.] I REACHED TEN!! Fuck yes! Screw it. I'm retiring here!

[And then a goat comes tumbling by and headbutts Smoker's rock stack.] Oi! What the hell goat!? Grrrrrrr. [Soon after that Sengoku shows up and stares at Smoker. Smoker stares back and then cuts off the feed.]

[[ooc: After Smoker cuts off the camera he's going to run away from Sengoku in denial so you'll mostly have to track him down via the post.]
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[livejournal.com profile] doubt_me Count me in on this game Wolf.

Whoever is on deck swabbing duty, please make sure to deal with the blood stain appropriately.

I have a special job and I'm taking volunteers.

ooc cut of puppy )

Karen, a word?
Yuzuriha, Pearl, Trucy, Happy, Lala, likewise, a word please.
Nevan, when are you leaving and when are you getting back?

Tsuzuki is in the infirmary. It better not be for long. All marines are to be on notice and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Should you see something that fits the description, report it to me immediately.

There's a storm front coming and I want all able hands ready at a moment's notice. It looks to be lethal.

Garp... No. Forget it.

To pirate scum? Go to hell. No exceptions.

St. Poplar

Nov. 23rd, 2009 09:22 am
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Damn brass think they can tell me what to do. Tch. Finally got the orders clearing a ride over St. Poplar. Who here has been there before?

I can't take another minute in Water 7. If I don't find some pirates to hunt soon... Picking off Mello's attackers hardly counts as an appetizer.

I'm taking the sea train over and staying a couple days. No one but Tashigi has to come along but anyone who wants to should. Allen I know is coming. Karen? You still interested? Nataku too. Zenigata and Lady if you feel like it. And Lavi it's a good chance to see a new city. Did you get that information we talked about?

I think I need to get some breakfast. Anyone got recommendations or something? And some painkillers wouldn't go amiss.

Also. The ship should be fixed soon. Any last minute buying trips you'd better finish up now.
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Fall rains always seem so cleansing even on filthy streets of pirate ports like Loguetown or Shambun. Still a pain in the ass to keep cigars lit in.

I'll be out all day. I've narrowed down most of the possible places for the pirates to be so now it's just a matter of smoking them out. Tashigi is in charge of getting the brig ready for any more prisoners but Rinali I expect you and Lady to do your part and help. Fiyero, you too. Job to do people, do it.

Leo I found something you might be interested in.



We should... This music box is for me? Not Tashigi, right?

There's a baseball diamond on the island but I still can't find the time to see it. I suppose it doesn't matter in this rain as it is. Almost makes me miss Loguetown except never that.
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Set the sails, all hands on deck if you're read this.

I found the idiot rear-admiral's ship. We're taking it back. We'll need everyone to sail both back. I sent in the forms informing the brass. To hell with their damn orders. They already failed the attempt to get it back.

Yachiru you ready for a fight with those idiots if necessary?

Allen, I want you still in that sling.

And the rest of you idiots; get a move on.
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I will kill whoever was responsible for this.
1. You do not touch my cigars.
2. You do not poison marines.
3. This is not a joke. I am not laughing. You will die.

To the rest of you idiots, while I figure out what the hell happened, training is to proceed as normal excepting any sparring sessions with me personally and anything else that would require... height. I expect the same respect as usual and short jokes will not be tolerated well. Until I fix this keep in mind, I'm still your commanding officer and will throw you the fuck overboard if you piss me off, I'm already in a bad mood, don't dare make it worse.

Could someone go into the closet of kid's clothes 4th level 7th door on the right? You should find some jeans and sneakers at least. I'll probably need a shirt too. God damn it.

I need a shot of whiskey. Fuck. I can't reach that drawer. Someone relatively tall get the hell in here.

Lavi. We need to talk.

[[ooc: He's physically 12, scrawny, short, chibi the works but still will all the same memories/personality/attitude as usual. Have fun poking and laughing at him.<3]]
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A marine ship. You stole a marine ship. And not any marine ship, a fucking rear admiral's ship.

Do you have NO common sense or just a death wish?!

Allow me to oblige the latter.

Arsene Lupin III, the minute I find you you're under arrest you bastard.

And Brooke! Don't think I don't know you were involved! AFRO BATS of all things were spotted at the scene! And there's a large cursive B in Lupin's calling card! Do not insult marine intelligence further you idiots!
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Elle, you can have your 1 hour test demonstration on my ship. Rinali, Lady, and whoever else wishes to (accepting wanted pirates who welcome to come to my ship if they want their asses thrown in the brig) are welcome to participate during this one-hour frame. And ONLY one-hour.

I do not wish to disallow... individually just on the basis of it being different and infuriatingly obnoxious. And if I don't allow it I'm sure someone will get into their head to practice in secret which is even worse. There's certainly no rule against it. Aokiji is still going to laugh at me. However some ground rules are required.

rules )

On another marines note; stop fucking buying shit from Mello. He is our enemy. I will put him behind bars given the chance. Talk to him by all means but try to figure out his next move don't make friends with him, he will only use and hurt you.

Ataru's bringing a bunch of okonomiyaki, anyone else want some?

Fiyero, I want you to meet Rinali's blobfish. You look alike except you're the pretty one. I'm sure you'll get along fantastically.

Oh. And welcome aboard Riku. Try not to fuck up as badly as the rest of them.

I'm going out for a ride. Tashigi's in charge.
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Seeing as how my ship is playing host to a bunch of green-backed recruits, a few reminders for you all:

The Grand Line is a dangerous place. Goofing off will get you killed. Stay on alert at all times, we will always be after prey on my ship and sometimes idiot pirates will try stupid means to escape.

Daily Drills are not optional they're mandatory. I was very disappointed in the lack of organization in our last fight. Stupid mistakes like that will get you killed and as such I'm increasing the level of the drills until you learn better. Azula you're to continue the spars against me, Rinali and Lady there will be special focus on sailing skills right now.

Yachiru will be instructing Tashigi and all others in swords. Also mandatory, not optional until you can defeat her. Don't question it or I'll let her play pony with you.

Anyone looking to join the marines should talk to their local recruitment officer. Barring that, you CAN come to me if you feel it's necessary. We are hiring. Any pirate scum will prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone arriving here from another world is expected to take up a legal occupation or be chased as pirates. Once again; the marines are always hiring, piracy should be a last resort, not first and fuck that shit, piracy is not an option.

That is all.
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Just got an order from HQ to investigate a possible yearly meeting of pirate scum at Lavinrac Island. Some kind of mass betting game possibly similar to that idiotic Davy Back. That said, Azula, Fiyero, and anyone else nearby, you do not have to come along, I can investigate on this on my own but if you wish to, I'll welcome the company. I'll be taking Lady Justice and have sent out the orders to Ensign Tashigi and the crew still on this island. On Lavinrac Island itself, I'll be using my biroa bike but the minute I find the exact location, we'll move the ship into a tactical location.

As for the rest of you idiot punks, I better not see any of there.

[ooc: No, the Island Event isn't secret, it's well-advertised, this is a hehe let's make Smoker angry at HQ post :3 because I enjoy it. Also he's been dosed with obedience potion and will try very hard not show it. You can't contradict his higher-ranking orders or make him do something anti-justice but have fun trying to have characters figure it out and make him put a flower in his hair or something :| <3]
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Great. I'm covered in seagulls. Anyone know a good way to get rid of several THOUSAND seagulls?!! Every time I get rid of a hundred or so, a dozen more appear.

God damn it. I told Portgas those birds were dirty.

Now who the fuck sent him a whistle that summons every fucking seagull in 100 mile radius?! Do you have ANY idea how many of those there are on this ocean? 'Fess up now and I'll go easier on you than if you make me hunt you down. And rest assured moron, I will find you.

Post I

Apr. 5th, 2009 08:08 pm
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I'm back. You've been warned.

That's all.


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