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[As Smoker moves through the village of Luceti, checking old haunts, and getting his things, he catches himself up in his usual way of stalking the journal before heading to the barracks.]

cut for Action, song, and introspection )

[Sometime when it's all over, he walks around at night, singing again and looking at houses.] [That's when he makes the journal post in voice.]

I'm back. Ikki, get your ass back to the village if you left. [An irritable huff.] And I need to see a doctor. [He can't bring himself to say please. Can't bring himself to mention Law by name either.] Whoever's available, it's important. [He probably shouldn't have been exercising in this condition, but whatever. He goes at his own pace.]

For New Feathers, I'm Smoker. [A marine. Vice Admiral of G-5, it means nothing to no one, except a few, and to G-5, he's their last savior. Traitors everywhere.] I intend to pick up teaching basic self-defense, kickboxing, and jitte outside the barracks, daily. If you haven't been told yet, there are Drafts rather frequently and the Malnosso have no qualms about taking noncombatants.

And to anyone a little more battle-hardened... [Where does he even begin? "Hey have you ever had one day where everything you ever knew about right and wrong were turned inside out, only that day then sort of became the story of your life? Oh and my best friend is currently a badass hobo who saved my life from a good guy traitor. Not really sure how to take that...."]

I just had a very long day that lasted about twenty years of my life. I need a drink. [And a friend. A pair of ears. Someone to talk to him and tell him he wasn't going nuts. Or maybe just tell him the truth... whatever that was at this point.] That's meant to be an invitation. Open to anyone. For one night only, that includes pirates.


Feb. 15th, 2012 02:07 pm
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Nice of them to leave my jacket. [AWKWARD PAUSE. The voice coming from Smoker's journal account is not his usual. Or from a male at all.]

What's with my voice?! [That just squeaks there in high-pitched worry.]

Ah hell... I have boobs.

Fuck you Malnosso.

[He... she rather, clears her voice.]

S-Smoker is back... [That's a bit hesitant.] Ikki, he... he might need help. Jitte and kickboxing lessons will return to normal, sorry everyone about the delay. Could I have a headcount of everyone still wishing to take them? I might need to reorganize his schedules.

[The last part is muffled as he starts to shut the journal.]

Damn it! These jeans are way too big! Now what?!
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Attention newcomers and those familiar with Ikki.

He is not allowed anymore booze, don't set him free. [As he says this, Ikki can be heard protesting in the background.]

I have better things to do than be handcuffed like a criminal!

It's for your own good. I'm keeping the key on me, don't even try to get it. You can get out when you aren't going to get drunk again.

Argh! Couldn't you have got the worried samaritan act tomorrow?!

As for any other new feathers, once you've checked in at the Welcome Center and settled in, I'm Smoker, I offer training in the jitte or kickboxing. There's a Draft here every so often so there's no telling when you'll need to be able to fight. Might as well learn while you can. And I'd like to speak to anyone interested in setting up a more permanent justice system for this place. That is all.

[ooc: Ikki's been getting drunk constantly lately (back to back important sad dates for him) so Smoker handcuffed him with seastone in apartment. Action spam is totally welcome. Smoker won't stay in their apartment, and he is keeping the key on him like he said. The cuffs are incredibly strong. But simply trying to let Ikki out to steal the cuffs might be hard unless you're Mr. 3. If your character would want to try to steal the cuffs though, let me know and we can work something out XD]


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