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Action // Journal || Ocean Guide; to the end of the world

[As Smoker moves through the village of Luceti, checking old haunts, and getting his things, he catches himself up in his usual way of stalking the journal before heading to the barracks.]

[As he wanders, he sings quietly in a deep voice.]

♫The ocean sees the beginning of the world,
And the ocean knows the end of the world.
Thus, it calls us towards the way we must take.
Thus, it leads us towards a just world.
Enveloping pain and suffering,
greatly and kindly wrapping them up.

[It's ironic actually. Aokiji, no Kuzan, (how many times must he remind himself of that?) loathed that song. A marine's dirge.]

♫The ocean sees the beginning of the world,
And the ocean knows the end of the world.
Even if I were to disappear,
The omniscent ocean leads the way.

[Was Justice really like that? So omnipotent that even after Smoker died, people would fight on for her? For a just world, by traveling to the end of the world to fight for justice. Smoker usually believed he had to do it because if he didn't, who else would? But these days, it seemed more and more like marines weren't the ones fighting for that just world after all. What was Kuzan? What was Doflamingo? Tch.]

♫I must not fear, because you are here.
I must not be timid, because my comrades wait for me.
We must advance towards the blue horizon.

[And so Smoker carried on, but he no longer fought just for justice. He also did it for his friends. For the G-5 marines, who without Smoker, really had no one. For the kids who were going to grow up viewing pirates as heroes. For those like Kuzan who fought to protect him and save the world with justice even when Justice seemed to fail.]

[Smoker falls into old habits like riding a bike. Even if he doesn't have his Billower Bike here. He has something better. He has friends. Still, he doesn't check up on them first, he goes through old motions with his jitte, old routines, and ignores his own whistles of pain from air sucked quickly through teeth. Yes, Law had done a good job of patching him up back in their world, but then he got beaten an inch from death by Doflamingo. Fucking shichibukai, Smoker was so done with the lot of them. Done with the brass, done with politics -- no. He wasn't. Not yet. He wouldn't fall yet. Because it wasn't just for the ideal of justice that he kept fighting. The ideal of true justice bound him together, bound him to his friends, but those people needed him and he wouldn't fail them. Kuzan was so much smarter than he let on, but did he know how deep the course of corruption ran? It seemed that every time Smoker found one rabbit hole, the warren turned out bigger than an entire island worth.]

[Sometime when it's all over, he walks around at night, singing again and looking at houses.] [That's when he makes the journal post in voice.]

I'm back. Ikki, get your ass back to the village if you left. [An irritable huff.] And I need to see a doctor. [He can't bring himself to say please. Can't bring himself to mention Law by name either.] Whoever's available, it's important. [He probably shouldn't have been exercising in this condition, but whatever. He goes at his own pace.]

For New Feathers, I'm Smoker. [A marine. Vice Admiral of G-5, it means nothing to no one, except a few, and to G-5, he's their last savior. Traitors everywhere.] I intend to pick up teaching basic self-defense, kickboxing, and jitte outside the barracks, daily. If you haven't been told yet, there are Drafts rather frequently and the Malnosso have no qualms about taking noncombatants.

And to anyone a little more battle-hardened... [Where does he even begin? "Hey have you ever had one day where everything you ever knew about right and wrong were turned inside out, only that day then sort of became the story of your life? Oh and my best friend is currently a badass hobo who saved my life from a good guy traitor. Not really sure how to take that...."]

I just had a very long day that lasted about twenty years of my life. I need a drink. [And a friend. A pair of ears. Someone to talk to him and tell him he wasn't going nuts. Or maybe just tell him the truth... whatever that was at this point.] That's meant to be an invitation. Open to anyone. For one night only, that includes pirates.

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