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Hello to New Feathers, and old.

This is Smoker, I teach jitte, self-defense, and kickboxing over by the barracks. By now I'm sure most of you have heard about the drafts that happen here, and it never hurts to be as prepared as you can be. Chun-Li also teaches lessons, particularly for beginners, but she can do private lessons too. If you want, she's also wiling to teach proper firearm use. No experience required, but if you have experience, we can work with that too.

For more experienced fighters, I've got a question for you. Do you make your own attacks, and if so, do you name them? And how do you decide on the names or themes in that case?


[ooc: If your character's interested in classes, Chun-Li might threadjump if that's okay!]

Action pre-kidnapping morning of 22nd )
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[Here you see a happy Smoker. A really genuinely ridiculously happy Smoker. Drink it in, it's a rarity.]

This is the best island ever! [He's as lit up as a kid at Christmas.] I dub this COFFEE ISLAND!!! [And now he's showing off the rivers of coffee and grabbing another steaming cup. Really he's ecstatic.]

Smoker-Junsho! Smoker-Junsho! [A marine snapping a salute shows up on screen.]

Call me Captain. [Happy growl from Smoker as the marine brings him paperwork.]

Sir! Orders from the Brass! [He hands over the papers, but then they burst into flames.]

[Smoker is even MORE thrilled.] This is the greatest island in the world. Look look!! [Shows off his neatly stacked 10-high rocks.] I REACHED TEN!! Fuck yes! Screw it. I'm retiring here!

[And then a goat comes tumbling by and headbutts Smoker's rock stack.] Oi! What the hell goat!? Grrrrrrr. [Soon after that Sengoku shows up and stares at Smoker. Smoker stares back and then cuts off the feed.]

[[ooc: After Smoker cuts off the camera he's going to run away from Sengoku in denial so you'll mostly have to track him down via the post.]


Jan. 12th, 2010 08:02 pm
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I've finished the As, Qs, Zs, and FINALLY the Rs. Now I have to go get the Gs from Garp. Great. If I'm not back in 12 hours, someone come rescue me from that tea-fiend. Fuck how many days have I been chained to this goddam desk?

Still don't have my jitte. That fucking bastard, Sengoku says I have to finish all the paperwork first. Great. Prick's just trying to make it harder for me to find something better to do. While trying to fix all this bullshit I found something that might interest you Demon Woman and Bookman. Which also reminds me, guess what your first task is going to be this month Lavi. While you're on it, I'd like a comprehensive file detailing everything you know about the Noah.

Nevan, I'm ready for that demonstration before I go.

Zenigata you're in charge of the ship given Tashigi's leave and in light of Lavi's recent recklessness. It shouldn't take long in any case.

Karen, I'd appreciate it if you could come with me, but I understand if you don't want to. I wouldn't want to.

Subaru & Kamui: any updates on the situation with the Major that you're aware of?

The rest of you pirate assholes stay put for a goddam week. I don't have time for your bullshit.
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Who: Smoker, Allen and open to anyone interested in joining.
When: October 16th. Before or after the kickball so feel free to have to reactions/join in or whatever
What: Smoker and Allen drinking coffee, staring contest and then playing cards.
Why: Because Smoker hates General Cross and wants to prove he's not the same.
Where: Lady Justice's Deck. Docked at Shambun Island.

Coffee anyone? )
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Coffee is meant to be black, as strong as possible and with as little of the fluffy crap as possible. I don't want a mochachina latte frappe with cinnamon swirl. Just a cup of fucking hot black coffee. It's functional, it keeps you alert on the job and thus it should be strong, not weakened with milk, sugar, or anything else. I don't want tea with a hint of jasmine or oolong or any of that other shit. Just coffee. What is so damned hard to understand about that?

On that note. Coffee belongs in your mouth, not on your pants.

And don't even get me started on tea.


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