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[There is absolutely no preamble to this, Smoker just jumps straight into what he considers the most important part in his usual growling tone. And he might be a little extra ticked off with his justice bro being gone. So there's that.]

I'm not sure which of you idiot pirates has my cuffs or what you're planning to do with them, but rest assured if I do not get them returned immediately, I will hunt you down to find them. And I will not be happy when I do. [He says like he's ever happy.]

For the rest of Luceti, welcome new feathers.

My name is Smoker and I'm still offering a variety of self defense classes outside the barracks daily, rain or shine. Jitte, kickboxing, it doesn't matter if you have no experience, if you want to learn you can stop by. Just because you're stuck here doesn't mean you can't keep getting stronger.

[And just like that he slams the journal shut, back to practicing jitte over by the barracks if someone wants to find him in person. He'll also be at the bar later that night drinking alone and looking grumpy.]
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Hello new feathers and old.

First off, I'm Captain Smoker. [Those who know otherwise can point out that he's a commodore, and that it doesn't even matter in this place.] I teach kickboxing, basic self defense, and jitte for anyone who would need it. I can also help spar against swordsmen if they're looking to expand their skills. Every so often a draft goes out taking people at random; kids and civilians alike, so even a little bit of practice can help. There are other self defense classes being taught so I'm sure we could work something out between teachers and create a formal schedule if need be.

Secondly, there's a lot of discussion about putting together a more permanent form of police or watch group to deal as first responders to threats to the village. Since that doesn't seem like something that will get worked out too easily, I'd like to suggest making a safe haven of the barracks. Anyone who can't or doesn't want to fight could safely put there in emergencies and defenders could keep watch.

On a different note; Jack Sparrow I'm confiscating your ship. Your previous acts of piracy here in Luceti have shown you're not to be trusted with one. Now let that be a lesson to other would-be pirates here.

[ooc: yeah, no, even Smoker doesn't expect that to work so feel free to tell him to fuck off. He just promised to give it a try, and he misses beating up pirates =\ Anyways, please do yell at him for overstepping bounds, though he really won't give a fuck.]
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And we're out of here. I found the "leader" of the island in the midst of the men in suits. He rewards them with sand dollars and the chasing the bears and bulls is apparently some form of training for an extreme decathlon. Apparently it's spring training like for baseball. Every time this year the bears come down from the mountains and wrestle the bulls for dominance over the island. If you want to know why go send a freaking zoologist.

We're heading through the calm belt everyone, so absolutely no one, I mean no one, not Tashigi or any of you idiots, is to go swimming. I don't care how many daredevils think seaking baiting is great sport, on the Grand Line you might get one or two. Calm Belts will give you dozens. Understood? Tch. Idiots.

Everyone better be training because I'm not rescuing you from dying in the fight. I'm sure Tashigi will offer last minute sparring and darts sessions for all interested parties.

Promotions are being sent in at the end of this month. Start shaping up now.

Allen, get your ass back here before the next island. I'm not fooling around.

Karen, let's talk.
Oh, Happy and I also want to formally invite you and Charle to dinner before we reach the Calm Belts. If it's not too much trouble.
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[livejournal.com profile] doubt_me Count me in on this game Wolf.

Whoever is on deck swabbing duty, please make sure to deal with the blood stain appropriately.

I have a special job and I'm taking volunteers.

ooc cut of puppy )

Karen, a word?
Yuzuriha, Pearl, Trucy, Happy, Lala, likewise, a word please.
Nevan, when are you leaving and when are you getting back?

Tsuzuki is in the infirmary. It better not be for long. All marines are to be on notice and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Should you see something that fits the description, report it to me immediately.

There's a storm front coming and I want all able hands ready at a moment's notice. It looks to be lethal.

Garp... No. Forget it.

To pirate scum? Go to hell. No exceptions.
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I caught up with Tashigi and sent her back to the ship. Subaru and Kamui will be my backup dealing with the remainders, Zenigata follow the doctors' orders and don't get out of bed. God damn it.

Happy will be scouting the rest of the night, if you need to get a message to someone fast you have orders to flag him down and send him wherever necessary.

Karen I'm sorry I can't be all here but I've got a nurse to stay by your side whenever I have to leave and I'll be back as soon and as often as possible, understood.

Fukuro, we can talk here, and I'll meet you for drinks after I finish up this work if you've still got the time.

God damn it, why can't I get a hold of that infernal woman!?

For everyone else I need to put together a pattern to try to pinpoint a better source for where the fruits are coming from. If you don't mind; report in with what you've eaten (of the oddly colored fruits, I don't give a damn about peanut butter, chicken and cheese -- wait... what the fuck Brooke? Really? That's disgusting!), how or where it was acquired and its ill effects. That is all. Lavi, you're in charge of recording it, I'll sort it out while I can.

Damn I could really go for some justice pie right about now.
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Just got word from Dock 1, Repairs on Lady Justice should be finished the 2nd of December so everyone finish up whatever you're doing here and get ready. I'm not delaying a second and NO ONE is staying behind.

Some more pictures )

Last round of mizu mizu candy on me. Nataku, Lavi Bookman, Allen, anyone else want some?

Oh and I picked up Happy the Cat. He's blue and has wings. It's difficult to miss him.

Nataku, Robin, we need to talk.

I've got some paperwork to fill out on events in St. Poplar but my door is open so you can come in for whatever. Don't make me need to close it for stupid reasons.

And on a final note. Promotion list came out a couple hours early. Guess who's on it.


Oct. 25th, 2009 03:23 pm
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Well that was unpleasant. If anyone's hurt, a reminder to see the ship's doctor immediately. Damn. Only 7 of their ships but they still managed to hurt the Lady Justice. I'm using the den den mushis to secure a place to get repairs done but it looks like we'll need to stop by Water 7 as soon as possible. We're sailing at 1/3rd of the speed.

Allen, flu or not, see what you can do about helping to deal with the harpoons in the side of the ship. You'd almost think we were dealing with Hina's ship.

To whomever dropped off the "prisoner" I received with no easy means of identification, thanks. Because I clearly have nothing to do with my time except chase down this idiot's family. And people wonder why I hate pirate scum.

I've got a headache. I'll be in my office with rum and some meds. Don't knock. Karen I could use your help on paperwork.

Oh and who the hell invited a damn cat on this ship? This pet thing is going a little far people. Adopt a seagull. At least they aren't useless. On that note I have some bamboo for you Lass.

Havoc... hn. Not a bad job. Damages would probably be worse without you but see what you can do about that backlash. Damn.
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Good job on the arrests everyone. 40 million bounty split amongst the crew. Not too bad. You still need to work on teamwork better but you're improving at least. The smuggling ring operation is over and dealt with. Enjoy 4 days leave, it's the last time you'll get on Shambun island. After this we're shipping out again.

On another note: people need to stop calling me a special snowflake, poetic, or whatever else. I am not a dreamer. And I barely can even qualify under the idea of idealism. So shut it. And fine. I like seagulls. Go to hell. They're not that bad.

No recent fruit-related incidents but check the crates before you experiment with foods. If it's labeled carrots, they should be orange. Use common sense if you have any.

Reborn what the hell am I supposed to get for him?

I'm going out for a smoke and a drink. Don't come look for me unless your name starts with K.

To whoever sent me the mooncakes... thanks. They're pretty good.

Moving Out

Sep. 26th, 2009 12:13 am
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All hands on deck. The rest of you get the hell on the ship.

I got a final lead on the pirates smuggling arms into this island and we're going hunting now. We'll be back to the Island by the 30th. Except a lot of fighting and rain.

Haru, thanks for the... thing... you did.

Oi Wolf. We gotta talk.

The rest of you stupid punks. Bounties are out. Russia has one, Mello, Matt, Straw-Hats well you know about the rest. Spain you better get your ass on fixing it if you're so insistent of your innocence. Elphaba apparently "excessive use of sparkles" doesn't count as a good enough reason. She'll just have to bug Sengoku personally.

And finally whoever sent the assortment of marine-related jokes to my emails is going to get my boot up their ass the minute I find out. Damn kids.
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Set the sails, all hands on deck if you're read this.

I found the idiot rear-admiral's ship. We're taking it back. We'll need everyone to sail both back. I sent in the forms informing the brass. To hell with their damn orders. They already failed the attempt to get it back.

Yachiru you ready for a fight with those idiots if necessary?

Allen, I want you still in that sling.

And the rest of you idiots; get a move on.


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