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Who: Smoker & Garp
What: Talking over drinks
When: like WEEKS AGO. Guh. Back when Smoker FIRST pissed Garp off. :| Before Allen even got kidnapped.
Why: Smoker pissed Garp off but tries to fix and then they had to discuss girls.
Where: Garp's office on the Fido.
Rating: PG-13 for drinking, language and Garp treating Smoker like his justice son and Smoker treating Garp like his insane C.O. lol

Karen is very beautiful, Greyhorn and I hope you know, if you make her cry, I don't care if I've known you longer and you're family. I will punch you into the ocean repeatedly. )
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Who: You (should you choose to accept it obvs.)
Where: Random Pitstop Island to pick up Charle, get milk (no really), transfer pirate prisoners to a mainland prison, Garp and Smoker fight over Tea vs. Coffee, Smoker beats up more pirates and goes out on the bike. He needs it. Go wild if if you want to put something down like skipping in daffodils.
What: Whatever you want. Also Smoker's taking a motorcycle ride.
When: Whenever.
Why: Bored and still can't come up with a meme. It's a slow night. PLUS there are like 20 marines now. Start interacting with each other.
Rating: Whatever you want. Go wild. My notifs are barely working as it is. (I'll add in warnings for myself if it happens.)

The icy cold will cut us like a knife in the dark and we may lose everything in the wind. )
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Who: Smoker and Tsuzuki
When: This evening-ish
Why: Smoker never gets a break and Tsuzuki is upset
Where: In the stock room under the stairs and possibly on deck
What: Talking and possibly sparring.
Rating: PG for violence and general swearing, Smoker isn't in a good mood and deals with unhappy marines by making them work. Great guy.

We all have crosses, some more than others, Tsuzuki's got a fuckton. )
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Who: Smoker & Sengoku
Why: Because flagrantly breaking laws has consequences.
When: Sengoku shows up on the 29th and chews Smoker out
What: Being scolded~~ And Smoker doesn't get to ask about the goat but DAMN he wants to <33 // Second cut now has a picture!!! Of absolute retarded CRACK XD
Where: Smoker's office on the Lady Justice
Any extra warnings: We did this purely lazy style and then realized it needed to be shown so... yeah. Anyways, don't take it too seriously, Sengoku's just been stalking EVERYTHING Smoker has said for a while without once approaching him. It was inevitable.

Commodore, the paperwork is useful to us. It is not, however, useful when one's report consists of stick-figure doodles of the subject event )

And now a picture! WITH EXTRA JUSTICE! )
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Glitter Words - http://www.sparklee.com

Search Position Tracking

basic rundown )

Also I don't use GMAIL so go crazy on my inbox, so you can change the subject lines if you want -- just be mindful of who you're threading with and their preferences. <3! THANKS!
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Who: Smoker/Karen
When: Last night (Wed. Dec. 9th) after Zenigata's post and Karen's thread with him.
What: Smoker brings soup and makes things better
Why: Because we can. And happiness.
Where: Karen's hotel room
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 for *gasp* being on the same bed together.

She looked beautiful. Sick as a dog and if he'd been in that state he'd have been miserable. But still beautiful. )
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Who: Smoker/Karen w/ early cameo of Happy per Moosey's guidance/permission/request
What: Fighting mostly
Why: Smoker can't let things go
Where: Retwin Island
When: Fudging it a little, the 7th/8th
Rating: PG for language and Karen beating up Smoker

Not gonna lie, I enjoyed Creepy Stalker!Smoker too much )
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Who: Smoker, Karen, Tashigi, Zenigata.
What: Talking --> dinner
Why: Because Smoker fails relationships :|
Where: Water 7
When: Night of December 1st.
Rating: I'm not even going to hazard a guess.

Right, first thread/section is Smoker/Karen talk, 2nd is the dinner with the four of them. o7 *salutes*
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Where: The train ride
Who: Smoker, Tashigi and ANYONE/EVERYONE (feel free to jump in the Tashigi/Smoker thread or make your own)
Why: I'm a sucker for logs and guuhhh cute stuff resolution
What: Taking the train from St. Poplar to Water 7, Smoker dealing with Tashigi's SECRET motion sickness
When: Thursday COMING BACK.
Rating: G for sweet and cute unless someone amps it <3

Smoker checked in on the separate bedroom car he'd gotten his Ensign. )
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Who: Anyone/Everyone/whoever
Where: Water 7 and/or the train
Why: Jensu asked and I love logs so I'm an easy sell
What: Exploring, rooftop jumping, watching docksmen, drinking, whatever you feel like
When: VAGUELY SOMETIME IN NOVEMBER :| Plot holes = yay (Smoker at least is somewhere after Thursday and I have to talk to Tyr again heh)
Rating: Seriously there are non-R Smoker/Karen logs but... this is not one of them XD

It was a beautiful city really. )

ooc: Log

Nov. 5th, 2009 05:40 am
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Who: Karen/Smoker
What: Talking and idek yet
Where: Deck at night
When: late late Wednesday night.
Rating: PG subject to change

Smoker apprehensively lit his cigars on deck. )
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Who: Smoker, Allen and open to anyone interested in joining.
When: October 16th. Before or after the kickball so feel free to have to reactions/join in or whatever
What: Smoker and Allen drinking coffee, staring contest and then playing cards.
Why: Because Smoker hates General Cross and wants to prove he's not the same.
Where: Lady Justice's Deck. Docked at Shambun Island.

Coffee anyone? )
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Who: Smoker/Karen & Yachiru & Lavi & anyone else who sees them on deck and wants to interrupt/say hi/show up (tags added as anyone shows up)
What: Discussing her past
Why: Because he worries and she's upset-ish
Where: Main deck of the Lady Justice.
When: Late tonight-ish. (September 21st)
Rating: First thread PG-13, Second thread PG-ish, Third thread R. My bad.

Scrubbing the back of his neck with a palm, Smoker stomped the wooden deck with heavy booted heels. )

ooc Log

Sep. 14th, 2009 03:24 am
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Who: Smoker/Karen... again
What: Rooftop jumping
Why: For funsies
When: After the "fight" before clothing shopping
Where: Shambun Island rooftops
Rating: NC-17. Again. Deal with it.

Perfect night for this sort of thing )
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Who: Smoker/Karen
What: Shower. And um. More. :|
When: Wendesday morning (9/9/09) continuing part 1.
Why: Just because.
Where: Smoker's Room. Yes. It's loud enough for his crew to heard. Have fun with that. He'll just blush, glare, grump and whatever. (omfg thank god no Tashigi)
Ratings: NC-17 XXX and then some. wtf.

One of these days I'll have control over my characters. But not today. )
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Who: Karen/Smoker
When: Wednesday Morning (9/9/09)
What: Um. Smoker turns full-size. And then all hell breaks loose.
Why: Because they're CRAZY! SERIOUSLY. omfg.
Where: Smoker's bedroom/office and his bathroom/shower. Yeah. (Part one is bedroom)
Rating: NC-17 XXX :| If there's one that goes higher... that. :| :| Oh and they are insatiable. Really. Hence 2 parts. On the bright side, length is a deterrent to you all MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :|

and this is why Smoker frightens me sometimes )

ooc: Log

Sep. 5th, 2009 02:47 am
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Who: Chibi!Smoker and Karen Kasumi
What: Smoker bought her a red silk scarf he's trying to be casual about presenting her with.
Why: Because Jyabura told him it was a good idea and he's trying to be smooth >_>
When: Somewhere around Friday night-ish.
Where: Smoker's office/room/Captain's Quarters
Rating: PG-13 I'm pretty sure.

It's just... I can't refrain from the cute. So sue me. )
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Who: Anyone who feels like stopping by + Smoker
Where: Karaoke Bar on Shambun Island (Rinali's fall island) If you know OP canon songs, feel free to use them or drinking songs but I think it's safe to assume this bar gets other-world patrons so our world songs are a go for IC.
Why: Smoker is stuck waiting for an informant and I enjoy torturing him~ Also come sing karaoke at him. It's fun. I promise.
When: Sometime between August 30th and when he gets chibi'ed.
Rating: Well it's open so I'll edit if something happens. Feel free to do NC17 stuff with each other or something idek. I'll just stalk.

Smoker threw his head back on the edge of the red cushion of the booth seating, a small cloud of smoke hovering above his head in his irritation. )
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Who: Smoker, Azula, Rinali
What: Training sparring of Smoker vs. Rinali
Why: TEAMWORK :| Which isn't gonna happen. To assess Rinali's skills and so she doesn't get rusty. (changed/modified with Azula's permission, sorry for any and all confusion)
Where: Smoker's main deck (There can be watchers if you have a reason to be there)
Rating: Uh PG for fighting? I'll edit if it gets stronger.

Thick soled boots pounded the wood floor of the commodore's deck as Smoker paced back and forth. )

ooc log

Aug. 21st, 2009 08:21 am
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Who: Smoker and Allen
When: Sometime last night
Why: So Allen can join Smoker's ship and because Allen hasn't eaten in 4 days D:
Where: Smoker's kitchen + hallway + cabin boy room
Rating: G for vague commanding officer fluffyness and I forget if he swore much so pretend it's whatever rating it should be.

Smoker is collecting D Grayman cast. I guess just because they're used to military life :3 yay )


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