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[Smoker looks pretty ticked off, which is completely typical for him. Being twelve years old (though he looks 8 years old) that's not so typical.]

Hey hey! I don't know what the big idea is, leaving me in some forest, I mean it's not even Loguetown, so what the hell Luceti is, or whatever. But the marine's jacket? Don't even try to pin that on me.

Look, whoever's out there: I did not steal this thing, okay?

It's not even regulation! [Points to the green fur and shortness of it.] Trying to get me in trouble... So yeah. Whoever this belongs to, I'm just gonna borrow a cigar. But I'll pay you back by returning this thing. Sure hope your boss is lenient about losing it. [Mutters to himself.] And breaking the dress code. Since when is green a marine color?

Man this fake den den mushi thing needs a map. I can't even find the marine base on this. Does anyone know where it is? Or who this belongs to?


Feb. 15th, 2012 02:07 pm
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Nice of them to leave my jacket. [AWKWARD PAUSE. The voice coming from Smoker's journal account is not his usual. Or from a male at all.]

What's with my voice?! [That just squeaks there in high-pitched worry.]

Ah hell... I have boobs.

Fuck you Malnosso.

[He... she rather, clears her voice.]

S-Smoker is back... [That's a bit hesitant.] Ikki, he... he might need help. Jitte and kickboxing lessons will return to normal, sorry everyone about the delay. Could I have a headcount of everyone still wishing to take them? I might need to reorganize his schedules.

[The last part is muffled as he starts to shut the journal.]

Damn it! These jeans are way too big! Now what?!


Apr. 21st, 2010 03:18 pm
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I found my jacket and cuffs, loaded up on free cigars, still haven't found my jitte.

If anyone's seen a big-ass metal and seastone stick kicking around, I'd like it back. Assuming it's in this place.

Downside to finding the jacket, it doesn't fit over the damned wings. It looks like I'll either have to cut holes into the jacket or get a new one. Damn it. Anyone know of a better solution? What do you people usually do for it?

Still haven't seen any other marines, but just in case Long-Nose is lying, if any exist here: report in immediately.


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