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Hello new feathers and old.

First off, I'm Captain Smoker. [Those who know otherwise can point out that he's a commodore, and that it doesn't even matter in this place.] I teach kickboxing, basic self defense, and jitte for anyone who would need it. I can also help spar against swordsmen if they're looking to expand their skills. Every so often a draft goes out taking people at random; kids and civilians alike, so even a little bit of practice can help. There are other self defense classes being taught so I'm sure we could work something out between teachers and create a formal schedule if need be.

Secondly, there's a lot of discussion about putting together a more permanent form of police or watch group to deal as first responders to threats to the village. Since that doesn't seem like something that will get worked out too easily, I'd like to suggest making a safe haven of the barracks. Anyone who can't or doesn't want to fight could safely put there in emergencies and defenders could keep watch.

On a different note; Jack Sparrow I'm confiscating your ship. Your previous acts of piracy here in Luceti have shown you're not to be trusted with one. Now let that be a lesson to other would-be pirates here.

[ooc: yeah, no, even Smoker doesn't expect that to work so feel free to tell him to fuck off. He just promised to give it a try, and he misses beating up pirates =\ Anyways, please do yell at him for overstepping bounds, though he really won't give a fuck.]
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Seeing as how my ship is playing host to a bunch of green-backed recruits, a few reminders for you all:

The Grand Line is a dangerous place. Goofing off will get you killed. Stay on alert at all times, we will always be after prey on my ship and sometimes idiot pirates will try stupid means to escape.

Daily Drills are not optional they're mandatory. I was very disappointed in the lack of organization in our last fight. Stupid mistakes like that will get you killed and as such I'm increasing the level of the drills until you learn better. Azula you're to continue the spars against me, Rinali and Lady there will be special focus on sailing skills right now.

Yachiru will be instructing Tashigi and all others in swords. Also mandatory, not optional until you can defeat her. Don't question it or I'll let her play pony with you.

Anyone looking to join the marines should talk to their local recruitment officer. Barring that, you CAN come to me if you feel it's necessary. We are hiring. Any pirate scum will prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone arriving here from another world is expected to take up a legal occupation or be chased as pirates. Once again; the marines are always hiring, piracy should be a last resort, not first and fuck that shit, piracy is not an option.

That is all.
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Just got an order from HQ to investigate a possible yearly meeting of pirate scum at Lavinrac Island. Some kind of mass betting game possibly similar to that idiotic Davy Back. That said, Azula, Fiyero, and anyone else nearby, you do not have to come along, I can investigate on this on my own but if you wish to, I'll welcome the company. I'll be taking Lady Justice and have sent out the orders to Ensign Tashigi and the crew still on this island. On Lavinrac Island itself, I'll be using my biroa bike but the minute I find the exact location, we'll move the ship into a tactical location.

As for the rest of you idiot punks, I better not see any of there.

[ooc: No, the Island Event isn't secret, it's well-advertised, this is a hehe let's make Smoker angry at HQ post :3 because I enjoy it. Also he's been dosed with obedience potion and will try very hard not show it. You can't contradict his higher-ranking orders or make him do something anti-justice but have fun trying to have characters figure it out and make him put a flower in his hair or something :| <3]
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New bounties will be out soon. That means more paperwork to deal with.


On the brighter side, I'm sure there'll be a lot of disappointed pirates out there, which warms my shrivelled heart.


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