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Hello to New Feathers, and old.

This is Smoker, I teach jitte, self-defense, and kickboxing over by the barracks. By now I'm sure most of you have heard about the drafts that happen here, and it never hurts to be as prepared as you can be. Chun-Li also teaches lessons, particularly for beginners, but she can do private lessons too. If you want, she's also wiling to teach proper firearm use. No experience required, but if you have experience, we can work with that too.

For more experienced fighters, I've got a question for you. Do you make your own attacks, and if so, do you name them? And how do you decide on the names or themes in that case?


[ooc: If your character's interested in classes, Chun-Li might threadjump if that's okay!]

Action pre-kidnapping morning of 22nd )
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Hello New Feathers and old, I'm Cap-- Err Smoker. [Wow Proof he has done this message way too many times, he momentarily forgot his own rank. Woops. Not that it even matters here.]

I teach jitte, kickboxing, and basic self-defense outside the barracks, and it's open to anyone, no matter how inexperienced. As you may have heard by now, every so often the Malnosso take people at random for drafts, and while non-combatants have other opportunities to help support, any self defense can help.

For others, I wanted to ask about other world's or country's history regarding executions. Are there any that changed the world, or have other people here seen them personally?

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Right, this is Smoker. I'm back in my own body, thanks to everyone who helped when I was a kid, and you know... during the shift.

Jitte and kickboxing lessons will be delayed until the 10th, but that doesn't mean stop practicing. Keep up the exercises, because I'll be very disappointed if any of you start slipping.

For anyone else interested in joining in, I teach basic self defense, kickboxing, and jitte. There are one-on-one sessions and group sessions, feel free to ask about a schedule because with the drafts ongoing, at least you can learn something to get a fighting chance for survival.

And who still here in the village knows anything about motorcycles? A friend recently reminded me life can be too short not to pursue some things.

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[The minute Smoker realizes he's back in Luceti, he gets his jitte. Like hell he's letting some pirate take it for a few months again. Then there's the basic things. A month's supply of cigars, and oh, isn't that nice of him, they even thought to get him a bunch of his own marine brand. They literally say marine on the little gold tabs, so surely no pirates would want to try them, right? Then it's off to get coffee, prowl around the general vicinity and head on home. As he's heading inside, the sheer amount of packages he's carrying jostles the journal open.]

Ikki, I have to thank you for the Cosmos-- Haki... [Annoyed growl. No Ikki. :| Figures. So he goes to open the journal for real and everyone can get a look at Smoker, two years later, no longer wearing his hair in awesome spikes, sunglasses, a giant scar, but still 100% Smoker.] Where the hell is Ikki? And how long have I been gone that he moved out? [He can tell Ikkk is still in Luceti, if not where, but what the hell man?] What's the date?

Right, to everyone else, I'm Vice Admiral Smoker. [Oh that's right, he uses his real title now. Watch out world.] As soon as I can, I'd like to get back into teaching jitte and kickboxing. Any old or new students, we'll meet at the barracks. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are open sessions, the other days can be scheduled for private hours or one on one sparring. If anyone spots a marine, let me know. Do not try to engage anyone from G5 in a regular conversation, they've earned their reputation as being pyromaniac psychos, just send them my way and I'll deal with them. [There is no affection to that. If anything "deal with them" sounds a little like "beat senseless and chain to a wall somewhere." Anyone want to laugh at him for his choice of command post?]

I assume we must be in a New Feather cycle, so welcome to Luceti. There are other people teaching forms of martial arts or filial magic, but unless the Drafts and missions have stopped -- which I doubt -- you'll want to take advantage of at least one form if you can.

All right, that's all.

[Feel free to action jump Smoker anytime before getting home, or right afterwards because he will be out and about being Smoker.]


Feb. 15th, 2012 02:07 pm
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Nice of them to leave my jacket. [AWKWARD PAUSE. The voice coming from Smoker's journal account is not his usual. Or from a male at all.]

What's with my voice?! [That just squeaks there in high-pitched worry.]

Ah hell... I have boobs.

Fuck you Malnosso.

[He... she rather, clears her voice.]

S-Smoker is back... [That's a bit hesitant.] Ikki, he... he might need help. Jitte and kickboxing lessons will return to normal, sorry everyone about the delay. Could I have a headcount of everyone still wishing to take them? I might need to reorganize his schedules.

[The last part is muffled as he starts to shut the journal.]

Damn it! These jeans are way too big! Now what?!
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For those who knew her, Grell Sutcliffe has been sent home. She will be missed. [At least by him. For those who were her victims... well.]

For New Feathers, I'm Captain Smoker. [Commodore. Whatever. He doesn't acknowledge that. Especially in Luceti.] And I train jitte outside the barracks. For those already learning, lessons are not disrupted. For group sessions, anyone can drop in and join, those are run through most of the afternoons. I also offer one on one lessons and kickboxing.

We're also still looking to assemble anyone with police enforcement experience, so don't be afraid to speak up.

On a more leisurely note, Ginia, what do you say to having a poker game once a week at the Cloud Nine? [Because he really needs another addiction on top of the others.]
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Hello new feathers and old.

First off, I'm Captain Smoker. [Those who know otherwise can point out that he's a commodore, and that it doesn't even matter in this place.] I teach kickboxing, basic self defense, and jitte for anyone who would need it. I can also help spar against swordsmen if they're looking to expand their skills. Every so often a draft goes out taking people at random; kids and civilians alike, so even a little bit of practice can help. There are other self defense classes being taught so I'm sure we could work something out between teachers and create a formal schedule if need be.

Secondly, there's a lot of discussion about putting together a more permanent form of police or watch group to deal as first responders to threats to the village. Since that doesn't seem like something that will get worked out too easily, I'd like to suggest making a safe haven of the barracks. Anyone who can't or doesn't want to fight could safely put there in emergencies and defenders could keep watch.

On a different note; Jack Sparrow I'm confiscating your ship. Your previous acts of piracy here in Luceti have shown you're not to be trusted with one. Now let that be a lesson to other would-be pirates here.

[ooc: yeah, no, even Smoker doesn't expect that to work so feel free to tell him to fuck off. He just promised to give it a try, and he misses beating up pirates =\ Anyways, please do yell at him for overstepping bounds, though he really won't give a fuck.]
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[Smoker's not in a good mood, but since he never is, it might not show to most people beyond his sudden abandonment of books and intellectual pursuits in favor of punching the crap out of things at the barracks. Just completely wailing on them, rhythmically like a kickboxer and not letting up. This has actually been going for a couple of days, but usually less apparent then today since he was also taking breaks to stack rocks and keep his cool. Finally letting up and putting his jacket back on (despite the cool weather, un-zippered and he'd been topless while exercising, he sits down to let this trade-mark growl voice over the journals.]

Anyone interested in learning basic self defense in a physical nature; I'm offering free lessons. I can teach marine style basic defense, the jitte and boxing or kickboxing.

No pirates.

Kohaku, I still expect to see you at lessons.

[And at this there's a pause and the sound of teeth grinding twin cigars as a small muscle in his cheek twitches while his voice sounds much more weary and irritable than ever.] Welcome back to all soldiers.


Jan. 21st, 2011 12:43 am
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For Kirimi, Simon, and Elizabeth: Lessons will be on hold for the next few days as I'm going ice fishing. However, this is not an excuse to allow for slacking off, and I expect the three of you to keep up independent exercises in my absence, even if you did just start.

For everyone else, if there's anyone else interesting in learning marine-style fighting, kickboxing, or the jitte let me know. I'm not training pirates or anyone I feel is likely to use it for anything other than self-defense and justice though.

And if anyone's been ice fishing on the lake before, are there any good points for it? Hn. Hopefully it won't snow again.


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