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Attention newcomers and those familiar with Ikki.

He is not allowed anymore booze, don't set him free. [As he says this, Ikki can be heard protesting in the background.]

I have better things to do than be handcuffed like a criminal!

It's for your own good. I'm keeping the key on me, don't even try to get it. You can get out when you aren't going to get drunk again.

Argh! Couldn't you have got the worried samaritan act tomorrow?!

As for any other new feathers, once you've checked in at the Welcome Center and settled in, I'm Smoker, I offer training in the jitte or kickboxing. There's a Draft here every so often so there's no telling when you'll need to be able to fight. Might as well learn while you can. And I'd like to speak to anyone interested in setting up a more permanent justice system for this place. That is all.

[ooc: Ikki's been getting drunk constantly lately (back to back important sad dates for him) so Smoker handcuffed him with seastone in apartment. Action spam is totally welcome. Smoker won't stay in their apartment, and he is keeping the key on him like he said. The cuffs are incredibly strong. But simply trying to let Ikki out to steal the cuffs might be hard unless you're Mr. 3. If your character would want to try to steal the cuffs though, let me know and we can work something out XD]
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Hello new feathers and old.

First off, I'm Captain Smoker. [Those who know otherwise can point out that he's a commodore, and that it doesn't even matter in this place.] I teach kickboxing, basic self defense, and jitte for anyone who would need it. I can also help spar against swordsmen if they're looking to expand their skills. Every so often a draft goes out taking people at random; kids and civilians alike, so even a little bit of practice can help. There are other self defense classes being taught so I'm sure we could work something out between teachers and create a formal schedule if need be.

Secondly, there's a lot of discussion about putting together a more permanent form of police or watch group to deal as first responders to threats to the village. Since that doesn't seem like something that will get worked out too easily, I'd like to suggest making a safe haven of the barracks. Anyone who can't or doesn't want to fight could safely put there in emergencies and defenders could keep watch.

On a different note; Jack Sparrow I'm confiscating your ship. Your previous acts of piracy here in Luceti have shown you're not to be trusted with one. Now let that be a lesson to other would-be pirates here.

[ooc: yeah, no, even Smoker doesn't expect that to work so feel free to tell him to fuck off. He just promised to give it a try, and he misses beating up pirates =\ Anyways, please do yell at him for overstepping bounds, though he really won't give a fuck.]


May. 6th, 2011 03:08 am
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Labrador, have you seen my socks? I seem to be missing quite a few pairs.

[And what can be said about that whole shift thing? Nothing from Smoker at least which is why he's been quiet.]

Keimi, if you're still interested in the jitte, I'll still teach you Princess.

And if anyone finds any marines amongst the new feathers, I'd appreciate if they could get pointed my way. Thanks.

On an unrelated note, is it just me or is the coffee here getting weaker?
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Age is just a number. 34. 35. Close enough, right?

[There's a drunk slur to his words followed by the clink of rocks being stacked and summarily falling over.]

Damn it! These rocks are defective. [As opposed to functional rocks?] Tashigi!

[....] Oh right. She's not here. Tch. Maybe a whole rum cake wasn't such a great idea after all.

[This has been a public service announcement. Don't drink and post folks. Anyone looking to find our drunk White Hunter might find him stomping around the dark, looking for non-defective... rocks. He's also carrying around a bottle of Rhum brand rum. And he's a prime target for messing with. Happy Birthday Smoker.]
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[Smoker's not in a good mood, but since he never is, it might not show to most people beyond his sudden abandonment of books and intellectual pursuits in favor of punching the crap out of things at the barracks. Just completely wailing on them, rhythmically like a kickboxer and not letting up. This has actually been going for a couple of days, but usually less apparent then today since he was also taking breaks to stack rocks and keep his cool. Finally letting up and putting his jacket back on (despite the cool weather, un-zippered and he'd been topless while exercising, he sits down to let this trade-mark growl voice over the journals.]

Anyone interested in learning basic self defense in a physical nature; I'm offering free lessons. I can teach marine style basic defense, the jitte and boxing or kickboxing.

No pirates.

Kohaku, I still expect to see you at lessons.

[And at this there's a pause and the sound of teeth grinding twin cigars as a small muscle in his cheek twitches while his voice sounds much more weary and irritable than ever.] Welcome back to all soldiers.
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[Apparently Luffy is running around like a madman, smoking two cigars and looking a little huskier than his usual self. Also, he doesn't seem to have his rubber devil fruit, instead every so often, there's a jump with smoke or a dodge to the side, but no stretching whatsoever.]

God damn it! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! [Oh yeah, and he's being chased by a pair of seastone handcuffs and a seastone-tipped jitte. Payback is a bitch, even when it's justice. Unfortunately even the near endurance master is going to run out of energy sometime, and after slowing down just a little, he trips, gets pounced by the jitte in his back and the handcuffs instantly latch around his wrists. After some wriggling, it's clear his journal is open so he just wriggles over to it.]

Can someone get me out of these fucking things? I have the key, I'm just not that flexible, ironically. [And that would be Smoker's voice, but apparently "Luffy's" head smacking into the ground.] Snow is a lot colder when you're completely human by the way. And now my smokes are running out. Joy.


Jan. 21st, 2011 12:43 am
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For Kirimi, Simon, and Elizabeth: Lessons will be on hold for the next few days as I'm going ice fishing. However, this is not an excuse to allow for slacking off, and I expect the three of you to keep up independent exercises in my absence, even if you did just start.

For everyone else, if there's anyone else interesting in learning marine-style fighting, kickboxing, or the jitte let me know. I'm not training pirates or anyone I feel is likely to use it for anything other than self-defense and justice though.

And if anyone's been ice fishing on the lake before, are there any good points for it? Hn. Hopefully it won't snow again.
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[For the entire time, Smoker has been trying to control his outbursts. Because manly marines don't sing. Or at least Smoker doesn't. Not that he's exactly had much say in this. At least he'd escaped with no one seeing the skipping. Until now. Because there's just something about that fountain that makes everyone, even those who hate water thanks to devil fruit -- want to sing and dance. Internally Smoker would like to do anything to stop this unfortunate event. But that's not happening. And so it all climaxes to a full out chorus of Tarantaras, complete with "marching" around in a circle. Any psuedo-policeman types are encouraged to join in, because the more you say Tarantara, the more addicting it gets. Besides, the last time Smoker did a cartwheel was... never. And he would like to just crawl into a hole and die. And just when he's quite certain he's lost all respect forever, he growls into the journal.]

Shouldn't this god damn thing be over with by now?!


Not that I mind having the kids around.

Tarantara Tarantara.

Ugh... maybe if I just never talk again...

[First person to say he sings like a (drunk) angel wins fifty points.]
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[The bibliophiles who frequent the library nearly 24/7 may notice an unusual addition to their numbers. Especially since despite being in a library surrounded by books that could go up in flames rather easily, he doesn't stop smoking. Ever. Not even the two cigars at once. And any protests about this will generally be met with a steely glare and impervious silence. For a while he was trying to get info on magic, but since these books tend to be more highly sought after and Smoker wasn't having much luck with it, he's currently hoarding a small stockpile of books on politics, military tactics, history, and apparently crime novels -- about which he has a grip to ask (quietly) out loud into the journal.]

Is it possible to have gone through all the mystery novels in this place?

And does anyone have something with more actual mystery to it? These are pretty weak. Damn what I wouldn't give for a daily newspaper.
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Bend and stretch.

[Fog doesn't scare Smoker. What does get to him is trying to move in this teddy bear costume when he feels like he's going to fall over from being out of balance. He's just glad Hina can't see him and mock the pudgy tummy. Or that he's not too recognizable until he speaks.]

Damn this thing is hard to move in. [Still, there's Smoker, trying to exercise, because something might come up and he'll need to move fast. Who knows.]

At least there's free weights everywhere. [He picks up one of the cartoonish Tim Burton-style jack-o-lanterns, but then it flares, trying to breathe fire at him and there's a ghoulish laugh. Still, nonplussed Smoker is thoroughly unfazed.] Oh, knock it off.
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All right Kirimi, I got you some boxing gloves. Let's see how well that goes.

As for the rest of Luceti, do you think it's wrong to actually want your friends here? Given all the problems and experiments and basically being labrats. On the other hand, do you think it's more acceptable if you already know your friend could handle it just fine, or is it wrong to want anyone here?


Aug. 5th, 2010 04:27 am
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[As he's already been running around again, Smoker's sounding a little run-down, but on top of things.]

Given all the posts looking for specific people; everyone who's safe and has friends they know are missing, we might as well start up a wanted post. If you've lost someone and can't find them and worry they might still be trapped, report in with where you think they might be and attempts to locate will be done immediately.

Was anyone besides John in the tunnels? [Yeah, it's clear he gives more a damn about certain lost kids than the malnosso. He's a bastard like that.]

And I suggest someone start collecting rebuilding supplies before some other entrepreneuring idiot makes the attempt.

In the meanwhile, has anyone set aside a refugee area for the people now homeless? If nothing else, anyone who appears to be lost can check in there.
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[You can practically hear the twitching.] There are somethings NO man should be forced to see. I can't even tell which is worse! The ones with Crocodile or the ones with Boa Hancock! The very idea is revolting! And Blackbeard-- eewwwww.... OH GOD GARP THE FIST IS IN THIS TOO?!

[Tone drops to a deadly warning.] Whoever's idea of sick joke this is better start running because when I found you? I got my seastone jitte back and no devil fruit in the world is going to save you.

[Say what's that catchy music? Smoker seems confused by it, and shuts up for a bit to try to find the source before deciding it's the journal and throwing it against the wall.]
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Everyone's sure there's no new people showing up? Because I could swear I keep hearing her trip over things. And yeah, I know... everyone else is hearing things too. But her coffee. No one could duplicate that. So where did it come from?


Ash, I got a bunch of different things to make various types of omelette. No luck on ketchup yet, but I'll keep looking.

And Kohaku, I have a plant I need you to look at.

Oh and Raph, thanks again for the jitte. It's even sturdier than I expected.
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[Covering an uncovered sector of the town, Smoker is soaked from the rain, but his cigars are still smoldering. The only time he stops slaughtering butterflies is to relight the cigars, making sure to light one of the little things on fire in the process. He's a bit shook up about Ash try very and this is making him pretty snappish. Anyone who doesn't look like they can deal with flesh-eating butterflies is likely to get yelled at to get their ass back indoors. During one of the cigar-lighting pauses, he kicks open the journal to yell out a message.]

If you need oxygen to breathe, stay away from the forest by the barracks.

[And anyone who braves that area will be completely surrounded by a very thick white haze of smoke as well as the occasional grab of weapons to stab butterflies. He's in a mood.]
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Hey Ash, if you're reading this (otherwise I'll just bring it up next session) I'm thinking of picking up the pace of your training. You're coming along pretty well, but I should talk it over with your other coach, if just to make sure we don't overdo it. What do you think?

To any and all blacksmiths here; it's a long shot since there's no marines, do any of you know how to work with seastone? Anyone at all. If not, I still need a jitte made, but it will take a lot since it goes through more abuse than a lance and needs a tailored weight.


Apr. 21st, 2010 03:18 pm
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I found my jacket and cuffs, loaded up on free cigars, still haven't found my jitte.

If anyone's seen a big-ass metal and seastone stick kicking around, I'd like it back. Assuming it's in this place.

Downside to finding the jacket, it doesn't fit over the damned wings. It looks like I'll either have to cut holes into the jacket or get a new one. Damn it. Anyone know of a better solution? What do you people usually do for it?

Still haven't seen any other marines, but just in case Long-Nose is lying, if any exist here: report in immediately.


Apr. 18th, 2010 02:59 pm
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[Smoker is wandering around the forest, still in just the pants, having not been able to find his jacket or remaining items yet. He's not completely sure where to go and has yet to find the actual town. He's grumpy, stomping on the forest floor and not too thrilled about the wings. Still, he'd probably appreciate a little bit of help. Or he might get mad at pirates. Whichever.]

Damn it! [Growls and kicks a fallen tree branch. Well, no one said he was polite, even alone.]
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This is a marker to end where Mallowmateys journals ended.

Special note: All of the journal entires from April 2009 to early July 2009 were done by Drift. The unicorn and coffee posts mark the start of CC!Smoker.
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And we're out of here. I found the "leader" of the island in the midst of the men in suits. He rewards them with sand dollars and the chasing the bears and bulls is apparently some form of training for an extreme decathlon. Apparently it's spring training like for baseball. Every time this year the bears come down from the mountains and wrestle the bulls for dominance over the island. If you want to know why go send a freaking zoologist.

We're heading through the calm belt everyone, so absolutely no one, I mean no one, not Tashigi or any of you idiots, is to go swimming. I don't care how many daredevils think seaking baiting is great sport, on the Grand Line you might get one or two. Calm Belts will give you dozens. Understood? Tch. Idiots.

Everyone better be training because I'm not rescuing you from dying in the fight. I'm sure Tashigi will offer last minute sparring and darts sessions for all interested parties.

Promotions are being sent in at the end of this month. Start shaping up now.

Allen, get your ass back here before the next island. I'm not fooling around.

Karen, let's talk.
Oh, Happy and I also want to formally invite you and Charle to dinner before we reach the Calm Belts. If it's not too much trouble.


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