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I don't know what to make of this place. It's got moments of dead quiet and then-- [Cut off by a sudden stampede. Bears and bulls go running by and Smoker just dodges out of the way and climbs onto some high rocks and lets the laptop camera take it in. And then there's more of the stampede with men in business suits carrying briefcases and running desperately out of breath chasing the bulls and bears.] This is completely nuts... shit wait for it. [And then they all come running back again in the other direction they originally came from, the businessman running away from the rampaging bulls and bears.]

[Waits for the dust to settle and sighs.] So I guess the bulls are supposed to be on the stock exchange? In exchange for money or bears I don't know. But apparently something happened and it's all gone to hell. And anytime I lasso those men in suits away from their herd they just babble about needing to chase the bears and bulls and "dollar signs." I have no freaking clue what a dollar is supposed to be. Unless they use sand dollars for currency? I guess I could go dig some up to try to bribe one of them for information.

This is ridiculous. If this is supposed to be a punishment Sengoku, you made your goddamn point. Can I have a real assignment? They don't even have a boss to talk to. Tch. Who the hell wears a tux to deal with bulls? Stupid...

[Walks off back to shore and in the background the stampede starts up again.]

Oh Tsuzuki. Happy Birthday. Is the color okay?

[[ooc: reminder to Smoker's crew to check out the MM_SS crew post so you know what islands we're at. And SUPER EXTRA IMPORTANT REMINDER OF THE 7 SINS PLOT!]]
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Who: Smoker & Sengoku
Why: Because flagrantly breaking laws has consequences.
When: Sengoku shows up on the 29th and chews Smoker out
What: Being scolded~~ And Smoker doesn't get to ask about the goat but DAMN he wants to <33 // Second cut now has a picture!!! Of absolute retarded CRACK XD
Where: Smoker's office on the Lady Justice
Any extra warnings: We did this purely lazy style and then realized it needed to be shown so... yeah. Anyways, don't take it too seriously, Sengoku's just been stalking EVERYTHING Smoker has said for a while without once approaching him. It was inevitable.

Commodore, the paperwork is useful to us. It is not, however, useful when one's report consists of stick-figure doodles of the subject event )

And now a picture! WITH EXTRA JUSTICE! )


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