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Kamui, Havoc, either work out your differences peacefully or find a way to deal with being on separate parts of the ship when Kamui and Subaru visit next.

Tsuzuki, I got you more candy. Stop drinking.
Yuzuriha thanks for talking to him.

We're docking in 3 more days. Finish shit up.

Roy I can duel you there if you don't want to wait for Kanda and Okita's brawl.

Vongola, did you guys deal with the ship situation?

Fuck, I need a drink.

Boxing Day

Dec. 26th, 2009 02:27 pm
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Per ship tradition it's Boxing Day. For the new recruits that means officers switch positions with the enlisted men for a day because the nurses, doctors, and cooks have the day off. Everyone is on KP duty, yes, even me.

Good luck to the poor sap stuck with my office for the day. The filing cabinet has been eaten, my laptop compromised (Mello you fucking asshole) and all my important files are eaten. Yes, eaten.

Allen I have several hangover remedies readied for you. Drink up.

Nataku I can't find her...
I --
If you want to...
I'm sorry. I don't know what to do either. Happy already searched the island. Wherever she is... it's not here.

Thanks for the socks everyone.


Oct. 25th, 2009 03:23 pm
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Well that was unpleasant. If anyone's hurt, a reminder to see the ship's doctor immediately. Damn. Only 7 of their ships but they still managed to hurt the Lady Justice. I'm using the den den mushis to secure a place to get repairs done but it looks like we'll need to stop by Water 7 as soon as possible. We're sailing at 1/3rd of the speed.

Allen, flu or not, see what you can do about helping to deal with the harpoons in the side of the ship. You'd almost think we were dealing with Hina's ship.

To whomever dropped off the "prisoner" I received with no easy means of identification, thanks. Because I clearly have nothing to do with my time except chase down this idiot's family. And people wonder why I hate pirate scum.

I've got a headache. I'll be in my office with rum and some meds. Don't knock. Karen I could use your help on paperwork.

Oh and who the hell invited a damn cat on this ship? This pet thing is going a little far people. Adopt a seagull. At least they aren't useless. On that note I have some bamboo for you Lass.

Havoc... hn. Not a bad job. Damages would probably be worse without you but see what you can do about that backlash. Damn.
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Who: Smoker, Allen and open to anyone interested in joining.
When: October 16th. Before or after the kickball so feel free to have to reactions/join in or whatever
What: Smoker and Allen drinking coffee, staring contest and then playing cards.
Why: Because Smoker hates General Cross and wants to prove he's not the same.
Where: Lady Justice's Deck. Docked at Shambun Island.

Coffee anyone? )
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[The video hangs from a bird's eye view literally, swaying up high in the wind and zooms in slightly on two shadowy figures. A grey-haired kid is leaning over a woman and from behind you can't tell who it is. There's brightly colored balls around them and it's fairly bouncy. Grey-haired man leans in and kisses the woman, the black wispy dress sticking out sort of triangular around the legs. The camera angle zooms away into the sky and the video cuts out.]

[[ooc note: Timcampi -- Allen's lost golem video taped Miranda and Gokudera kissing. Not my idea. Blame Shichi. And Nat and Robin *cough cough* He then hacked Smoker's laptop and posted it directly. ENJOY~~ Smoker will delete the video much much later tomorrow when he figures out how to because Tim encoded it fufufu]]
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Set the sails, all hands on deck if you're read this.

I found the idiot rear-admiral's ship. We're taking it back. We'll need everyone to sail both back. I sent in the forms informing the brass. To hell with their damn orders. They already failed the attempt to get it back.

Yachiru you ready for a fight with those idiots if necessary?

Allen, I want you still in that sling.

And the rest of you idiots; get a move on.

ooc log

Aug. 21st, 2009 08:21 am
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Who: Smoker and Allen
When: Sometime last night
Why: So Allen can join Smoker's ship and because Allen hasn't eaten in 4 days D:
Where: Smoker's kitchen + hallway + cabin boy room
Rating: G for vague commanding officer fluffyness and I forget if he swore much so pretend it's whatever rating it should be.

Smoker is collecting D Grayman cast. I guess just because they're used to military life :3 yay )


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