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[Apparently Luffy is running around like a madman, smoking two cigars and looking a little huskier than his usual self. Also, he doesn't seem to have his rubber devil fruit, instead every so often, there's a jump with smoke or a dodge to the side, but no stretching whatsoever.]

God damn it! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! [Oh yeah, and he's being chased by a pair of seastone handcuffs and a seastone-tipped jitte. Payback is a bitch, even when it's justice. Unfortunately even the near endurance master is going to run out of energy sometime, and after slowing down just a little, he trips, gets pounced by the jitte in his back and the handcuffs instantly latch around his wrists. After some wriggling, it's clear his journal is open so he just wriggles over to it.]

Can someone get me out of these fucking things? I have the key, I'm just not that flexible, ironically. [And that would be Smoker's voice, but apparently "Luffy's" head smacking into the ground.] Snow is a lot colder when you're completely human by the way. And now my smokes are running out. Joy.
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Bend and stretch.

[Fog doesn't scare Smoker. What does get to him is trying to move in this teddy bear costume when he feels like he's going to fall over from being out of balance. He's just glad Hina can't see him and mock the pudgy tummy. Or that he's not too recognizable until he speaks.]

Damn this thing is hard to move in. [Still, there's Smoker, trying to exercise, because something might come up and he'll need to move fast. Who knows.]

At least there's free weights everywhere. [He picks up one of the cartoonish Tim Burton-style jack-o-lanterns, but then it flares, trying to breathe fire at him and there's a ghoulish laugh. Still, nonplussed Smoker is thoroughly unfazed.] Oh, knock it off.


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